RoboCop 2014 a.K.a Why Hollywood, why?

DISCLAIMER: Do Not I repeat DO NOT watch the original before watching this movie. Do not I repeat DO NOT read the Frank Miller comic before watching this movie. Please enjoy the review.

The Movie
Let me start off by saying I don't hate this movie. Disappointed, yes, but I don't hate it I just think that it could have been done better. Also you can't really say that 'you can't judge it based on the original' yes you can. There are a couple of scenes that are taken from the first two movies and are placed in this one. This wouldn't be a problem but the scenes felt like they were thrown in just to be there. Another problem that I had is with the story, which revolves around a detective named Alex Murphy who is trying to bring down a drug kingpin. First, let me say this, I have read both the original Marvel comic and the new BOOM Studios comic as well as watched the original movies. That being said everything was always connected back to OCP, and those stories made sense. Here they have Murphy (RoboCop) solve his own murder which is cool but none of it has anything to do with OCP. This caused the ending to be stupid in my opinion, because it was like the writers were like we need to add another action sequence let's just throw something together story wise. Also if you have Omar from the Wire in your movie and make him that weak of a character that is just wrong. He is playing Louis (Nancy Allen's character from the first movie) and man that character was horribly written in this movie. Basically Louis is there to get shot and be the worst cop ever. Another problem that I had was the way they handled his wife and son. I love Abbie Cornish, I know she is a very talented actress so I'm not blaming her performance I am blaming the writing. She was wooden in this movie and one of the things that I liked about the original was the fact that when he started to get his memories back you saw his family in those flashback/dream sequences. I felt more during those scenes than I did in this movie when they tried to make me care, I'm sorry I just could care less. A lot of the issues that I have with this movie are attributed to the writing. It felt disjointed at points to me story wise and it was not paced well.

Despite my gripes there were a few things that I liked about the movie. There names are Gary Oldman, Jay Baruchel, and Samuel L. Jackson. Seriously though, the acting was okay in my opinion they did the best they could with what they were given.  The action scenes although heavily CG'd were not bad they were actually pretty good. The scenes matched how you think he would act with the technology of today. On a more personal note I was digging the bike. They also add the original theme in the movie and I have to give them props for that as I loved the original theme.

For Parents
This movie is PG-13. Its not gory there are shoot outs and foul language in it but in all honesty its not that bad.

The Verdict
I have to give this movie a RENTAL. I honestly cannot tell people to spend there money on this one. They do leave the movie open for a sequel and hopefully they will do a better job if they go that route.

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