The Lego Movie a.K.a Everything is Awesome

DISCLAIMER: Just to let you know right now, 'Everything is Awesome' will be stuck in your head on continuous loop once you leave the theater. Just so you know.

The Movie
So its been a pretty rough week at work and in my personal life. I was very much in need of a laugh so I did what any self respecting single nerd/geek would do; that's right I caught a kids movie (don't judge me, I got enough weird looks from the box office people). In a time where a lot of movies are either super hero/comic book movies or remakes of 80s classics, it was nice to see something that was original. The look of the film is genius. Everything is Legos the locations are mostly Lego sets, they even have Lego fire blocks, water blocks, sand blocks, smoke blocks etc. It reminds me a lot of stop motion animation and when done like this its awesome. The story is very charming and heart-warming and has a ton of cameos. Some of the voices you don't catch at first but as the movie goes on you realize who it is and its great. I won't get into any specifics but the movie revolves around Emmett, a construction worker Lego, and his misadventures as he tries to go from a nobody to hero. Along the way he meets a variety of characters, most of which have their own Lego playsets and/or videogames. One of my favorite is Batman. Will Arnett voices him and he does a fantastic job as the Dark Knight. One cameo that was really funny was Jonah Hill as the Green Lantern. They portrayed him as Superman's biggest fan and ironically Superman can't stand him. Those scenes were pretty funny. Also the score in the movie was great as well, you can tell that a lot of heart went in to the film as every scene flowed well from one to the next. The pacing was good and the action, when they showed the different characters build things were amazing.
There wasn't much that I didn't like in the movie. There was one point where I thought it dragged a little bit but other than that there wasn't much that I could find bad with it. The writing was good and the comedy never felt stiff.

For Parents
Its a Lego Movie. Take your kids to see it, don't worry you'll enjoy yourself too.

The Verdict
I'm going to give this one a FULL PRICE. Its worth it people, especially if you are in the need for a good laugh.

And now Everything is Awesome!!!!

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