YouTube Channel and content

I was asked a few days ago about how I feel about youtube and the gaming community there. So I thought now would be a good time to describe what it is I plan to do on my channel and let people know what type of content they can expect on it.

The Channel
The channel is titled Game Cafe. For the most part there will be game reviews from across different systems. I am a gamer and I own a lot of different consoles and game on each of them. My gaming library is adequate for me and I like it, I will be doing first impressions of games as well. I have a few episodes under my belt so far and my goal is to get better every week. I will have guests on every week as well to discuss whatever it is we'll be talking about. I try to keep episodes under 30 minutes and I also have a soundcloud account setup so that people can listen there as well. All of this as well as my gamer information can be found in the 'About' section of the channel. If you would like to contact me the best way is to leave me a message on G+, its my preferred social network.

The Content
Right now if you look on my channel, which I will link below, you will see two playlists. One for the 'Evening with' series and the other for 'Game Reviews'. The 'Evening with' series is for those people who are interested in the newest game consoles but are on the fence. The newest episode in that series is tomorrow night and it will cover Nintendo's newest console the Wii U. Past episodes in that series include PC gaming and Microsoft's XBOX ONE. The second playlist is self explanatory and is for the reviews that I have done so far. There is also an episode that I did that I plan on continuing called 'Raidin Tha Vault', that one is for the fans of retro gaming.

Check out this episode from An Evening with

Well the main reason is, gaming is my hobby. Its something I do after a long day at work or when I just want to lose myself in a fantasy world for a few hours. While there are a few people on youtube that I regularly listen to the vast majority I do not listen to. I have my reasons for this and I won't get in to that, let me just say I want to do something positive and gaming oriented. I am not a CEO and while I do have opinions about some company's practices I realize that I am not looking at all of the information that a board member, investor, or CEO would be looking at; add to that the fact that I think a lot of people have bought in to this whole made up console war and that has taken the focus away from the games. In essence, my channel is a place where real gamers can come and hear real gamers talk about games, give advice on systems, and hear about some classic gaming.

Check out this game review that was done last Thursday

I hope you will check out the channel sometime. I left a couple of examples straight from my channel. Feel free to leave a comment, like, and subscribe.

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