300 Rise of an Empire a.k.a House Lannister always pays it debts

300 Rise of an Empire Review

The Movie

So I finally watched 300 and I must say I don't see what all the hate was for, like the first movie this was based off of a graphic novel by Frank Miller. A lot of people were like this isn't historically accurate. You're right its not supposed to be, its based off of a graphic novel. I like to think of the movies under the category of historical fiction. With that in mind the movie follows the prequel/sequel format, which I dislike. The movie's story takes place before, during, and after the original 300 movie from 2007. The movie follows another Greek hero named Themistocles played by Sullivan Stapleton and his battle with the Persian general Artemesia played by Eva Green. Now in history this battle takes place after the 300 died at Thermopylae on the sea at the Straights of Salamis. Its important to note that Sparta was not involved in this fight according to history but for the purposes of the movie and graphical novel you have to have them at some point, hell its in the title. That being said I think the acting was good in it you do have a couple of the characters from the first movie returning. They also try to keep the style of the first movie in tact, so the movie is being told by Queen Gorgo played by Lena Headey. The action is setup like the first movie as well but the movie is not directed by Zack Snyder and you can tell because even though they try to do some of the visual tricks of the first movie it felt a little off. That brings me to one of my problems with the movie, to much CG blood. I know they wanted to show the brutality of viciousness of battle but all of the CG blood splatters just took me out of the action scenes sometimes. Also the hunchback that betrayed Leonidas in the first movie was back but he didn't look the same, its like they took the prosthetics that they had on him in the first one and replaced it with CG. Bad choice if you ask me. I think that its important to say that Eva Green is awesome as a villain. I like her as an actress but she played the role well in my opinion and one of the saving graces of the film for me. Its not a bad film, it just doesn't feel like 300 because in all honesty its not. The film is about another part of the war that really doesn't involve Sparta. Which brings me to one of my problems with the movie. The Spartans don't get to fight until the end of the movie and by the end I mean they show up with 5 minutes left and kill about 100 Persians and then the credits roll mid fight. Yeah that kinda pissed me off too.

The Verdict
This movie is Rated R for a reason. It is violent, bloody (as fake as it is), and it does have nudity as well. There is also some foul language in the film as well. I give the movie a RENTAL. The reason is its not as good as the first one but still can be enjoyed. If you liked the first one rent it and judge for yourself.

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