Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

The Movie
The movie is an animated feature film that is based off of the 2009 game Bayonetta. The game was created by Platinum Games and is a stylish action game. Now the game follows the conflict between the Umbra witches and the Lumen Sages. This movie is basically a more streamlined version of the game and I have to give it to Gonzo, they did an excellent job on the animation. They show the majority of her moveset from the game and I have to say you may not understand this movie if you have not played the game. This film is a love letter to fans of the game and it shows. The action is very over the top, just like the game and I am glad that it was done that way. As for the characters all of your favorites show up at some point. Some of the locales in the game are present in the film like Rodin's bar for example.  I have to say that if you have played the game then you know that when Bayonetta does any of her special moves she gets in some sexualized poses and while you don't see anything it is there. This is because Bayonetta's costume is actually made of her hair. Now the game is rated M for Mature and this movie actually goes along with that tone. There is a little gore in some of the scenes as arms, heads, and various body parts tend to fly. The creatures getting ripped up are not human but it does get pretty bloody. The majority of the weapons from the game show up at some point in the movie. They don't all get used but they are shown which I thought was pretty cool. The only real problem that I had with the movie was the fact that I felt like if you didn't play the game it would feel disjointed. I thought that the movie was paced well and that the action was over the top just like the game. Story wise, I thought that it was fine and was not drawn out.

For Parents
I have to be honest this movie is not for children. The content in the movie is akin to what was in the game and that is not meant for young kids. I would say that it is fine for teenagers as I believe that is the target audience.

The Verdict
I loved this movie. I enjoyed the game a lot back when it came out and I have to give it a FULL PRICE. The movie is beautiful to look at and I think that Gonzo did a great job on this project.

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