Mr. Peabody & Sherman a.k.a Where's Boris and Natasha?

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Review

The Movie
So I went to see this movie when I was on vacation and I have to say I had a good time in the theater. For those that don't know, Mr. Peabody and Sherman was an animated short on the Rocky & Bullwinkle show. Mr. Peabody, a super intelligent dog with a bowtie and glasses and a not so intelligent Sherman, would have adventures through time for the sake of comedic enjoyment. The way that this was achieved was with the WayBack a.k.a a time machine. I was a fan of Rocky & Bullwinkle when I was younger and this short was always good. For the movie they changed the dynamic a bit to make the story more family oriented. For instance, Mr. Peabody is still a super intelligent dog with a bowtie but this time Sherman is his foster son. The movie even starts with them in the French Revolution which is pretty cool. This is one of the things I like about the movie. When they go back in time the humor is on point. The voice acting as well is top notch, there are a lot of well known actors in this movie. The soundtrack is well done and matches the tone of the movie well. I did have one problem with the movie and that was the parts of the movie that didn't take place in the past. To me it just felt a little to uneven, pacing wise. For instance, some of the story elements when they were in the present just didn't feel right to me. I was kind of waiting for them to go back to the past.

For Parents
Its a family movie and is Rated G. You can watch this with your children and not be bored by it. A lot of the jokes are funny and if you are a fan of the old shorts there are a lot of little things that you would enjoy.

The Verdict
FULL PRICE. This movie gets a full price from me. See it in 3D if you can because the 3D is awesome in this movie. Dreamworks did a great job as they always do when it comes to 3D.

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