Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher - Avaliable on Blu-Ray and DVD

The Movie

This a new animated movie from Marvel and Japanese animation studio MAD HOUSE. It was written by Marjorie Liu. She has written for Marvel before and she does a very good job on the story. I don't think these two characters have ever teamed up before in the comics. I am sure there is probably a crossover where all of Marvel is involved and they have worked together but as far as a limited series with just the two of them I don't think it has ever been done. Which is interesting seeing as how they are kind of similar when you think about it. The story has a decent amount of action in it, which you have to have when the Punisher is involved. There are also a decent amount of cameos from other Marvel characters in the movie. Although I do have to say that the majority of the cameos happen at the very end of the movie. It was still nice to see. While I did enjoy the story for the most part, I feel that some parts of the story drag on. It reminds me of Iron Man Rise of the Technovore, where certain parts of the story would drag or felt out of place. The art style is that classic MAD HOUSE style of animation. I don't particularly mind it as I actually like that animation studio. I just know some people don't really like their animation and art style. It seems to me that Marvel is going to be using MAD HOUSE from now on, on their animated features. The action is a mix of hand to hand and gunplay, the animation is tight on the action sequences and are some of the more enjoyable parts of the movie. The voice acting is not that bad and the music is okay for this story.

For Parents
This movie is PG-13 and it does have fighting in it. The Punisher in this movie is very brutal and while they don't show killshots you do know he killed people. It isn't for little kids in the slightest, just know that going in.

The Verdict
While I enjoyed it I have to give this movie a RENTAL. The story while overall being good to me, I think is disjointed in some parts and drags on in others. If you like action though it is action packed and the ending had me laughing a little bit.

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