Godzilla 2014 Review


The Movie
While I am a Godzilla fan, I am not by any means a zealot Godzilla fan. That being said, I have to say I think that this movie is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! They got so much right with this movie that the thought of the 1998 film should be wiped from existence after watching this film. The movie takes its cues from the original movie and that's a good thing. Basically, humans wake something up they shouldn't have and Godzilla has to come an 'Layeth the Smacketh Down' to quote The Rock. I have seen some reviews where people were upset about the set up to the monster mash and while that is a concern its really not a problem; if you have seen the original and some of the other films in the franchise. The movie itself deals with a couple of themes, one being man trying to control nature. Let's just say its a bad idea. The other theme is of family and I have to say it was okay and fit the film. I do have to say the human element of this movie did not make mad. Normally, in movies like this I get upset with how the story likes to make it seem the military could take down these creatures that are ridiculously huge with gunfire, rockets, and nukes. None of that worked in this movie and I for one am glad it didn't, to me it made the movie more believable and that it really had to come down to Godzilla and his foes. That brings me to the look of the monsters. I like the creature design. I thought it was really good and you got to see their abilities as they were on display when they showed up in the movie. Godzilla himself looked amazing when you see him in motion. I don't know where all the, he's fat, comments were coming from but he looked really good. Another thing that I liked was the climatic fight scene. The last 45 minutes of this movie is handicap WWE match from the Attitude Era days. The only thing that was missing was J.R. and Jerry Lawler at ringside. Even though the scene is shot at night, everything is visible. You get to see the clash as well as everything that is going on in the city at that time.
As good as this movie is I did have a couple of problems with it and they might seem a little nit pickish but if you watched the movie I think you will understand where I am coming from. One is I think it ran a little long. The movie clocks in at 2 hours and 3 minutes and I feel a good 10 - 15 minutes could have been cut out of the movie. Reason being is my second problem and that is that some of the human story drags in a couple of places and in a movie like this you only come to see one thing. Other than that I thought it was a very good movie and I am glad that it is doing well at the box office.

For Parents
This movie is rated PG-13. Its not a bad movie, though there is a lot of destruction and monster on monster violence. If you let your kids see any of the superhero movies like Man of Steel or The Avengers, then they will be just fine.

I am going to give this movie two ratings. For the Godzilla fans and fans of the monster movie franchises this is a FULL PRICE. For the average movie goer I would have to say MATINEE and the reason for that is because of the portions where it drags.

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