The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Movie
So I wasn't a big fan of the first movie for various reasons. My expectations for this movie were not as high for that very reason. As a comic book fan I am aware of Spidey but my favorite out of Marvel is and always will be the X-Men, that being said I have a fondness for ol Peter Parker because he always seemed to be kinda relatable as a hero. This movie has a lot of things going on in it and sometimes the plot feels all over the place. Just as in the first movie Peter is still trying to find out clues about why his parents left him at a young age with Uncle Ben and Aunt May. That's one plot thread. Plot 2 is his relationship with Gwen Stacy and the promise he made her dad at the end of the first movie. Plot 3 Max Dillion, Electro, and his fanactical, creepy stalking of anyone who says his name and seems to remember him. Plot 4 Harry Osborn who is dying of a hereditary disease and is a friend from Peter's past. Plot 5 the Rhino, who for all points and purposes serve no purpose in this movie. These are just the threads that I noticed, there are probably more. My problem with this is it makes the movie feel all over the place as some of these come out of nowhere with no build up and others don't even get resolved. For example, his relationship with Harry, Harry and Peter have always been best friends in the comics and its hard to believe that these two would have been friends at all in this movie. Personally, I think the Raimi movies at least got that part right because you got to know both of them through the course of those films. In this film it just feels rushed and you are expected to just know they are friends. This brings me to Electro. At first I didn't like how he was written, it was like they mixed the Ultimate version with the regular version and added 35% more stalker to the mix. However, once he became Electro I have to say I liked him. I liked how his abilities were used and how the action sequences flowed as a result.  It is obvious that this movie is trying to set up the next one, especially with how it ended and that is fine. However, and this is my last problem why is this movie 2 and half hours long. Honestly they could have cut at least 20 minutes out of this movie and the movie would have been just fine.

Oh I almost forgot about the soundtrack. I liked it for the most of the movie. There were a couple of odd musical choices here and there but they all made sense in the grand scheme of things. Hans Zimmer did what he always does and delivers some good music.

For Parents
This movie is PG-13 and has your usual super hero movie action sequences and teen angst like drama. There isn't any bad language and no gore or anything like that. Outside of the fighting it should be fine for the little ones to see.

This is a MATINEE. I wouldn't pay full price for this just because of all of the open plot threads and the slow parts in the movie. Also I feel its to long and that some things could have been pushed into the third movie (that's obviously going to be made). Also the whole X-Men "stinger" at the end of the film is not a stinger. Its actually one of the clips that's been making the rounds on YouTube.

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