22nd Jump Street

22nd Jump Street Review

The Movie
I have not laughed this hard in a movie in a long time. 22nd Jump Street is the sequel to 21 Jump Street starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. This movie calls themselves out. The movie is very self aware and all of the jokes they use work because of that simple fact. Characters tell you from the very beginning this is going to be just like last excepting with a bigger budget. Normally this would not be funny but then again I feel what makes this work is the fact that they tell you upfront. Last time the guys went back to high school this time they are going to college to find and bring down the supplier of a new drug called W.H.Y.P.H.Y (pronounced WiFi). From there hilarity and cameos ensue. For me personally Ice Cube stole the show. There is something that happens in this movie and when it does Ice Cube snaps and it's hilarious to see. The majority of the characters from the first movie return, most as just minor cameos but they are in there. One was spoiled in the trailer the others were not. The action in the movie is pretty decent, which the characters also point out was due to the budget.
I did have some problems with the movie. One, I thought some of the jokes tended to drag on, like the whole bromance/homo erotic thing. It was funny at first but the longer it went I felt it wasn't as funny as some of the other gags they were doing. Another thing the trip out sequence for this drug is not as good as the one they did in the first one. I know that sounds like a nit pick but I was looking forward to the trip out scene seeing as how it was funny as hell in the first one. Lastly, the story is mostly throw away because of it being so much like the first one. I know that sounds odd but you have to see it to see what I'm talking about. The plot is dumb and rehashed but the jokes are what saves it for me.

For Parents
This movie is Rated R for a reason. There is a lot of language and action sequences in the movie. There is nothing really graphic in here just a lot of language.

The Verdict
This gets a FULL PRICE. If you are in need of a laugh and you liked the first one you will enjoy this one. Also stay for the credits as the film makers make fun of themselves even more. I think you'll get a kick out of the ending credits sequence.

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