e3 2014 Wrap Up

e3 2014 Best of and thoughts on the show itself

e3 was last week and while I have done a few discussions on my YouTube channel I thought that I would put my thoughts down on my blog. On the whole I thought that e3 was actually pretty good. I thought that each company did a decent job, some better than others but overall the trade show was pretty good. Check out my breakdown.

Sony had an interesting conference and although I thought it was the weakest of the big three I did like some of the games that they presented. There press conference was pretty long and although I did wish that they would have started out with an exclusive title, what they showed of Destiny was pretty good and I have to say that I liked what they showed. A few more games were showed and some of the standouts, in my opinion, were The Order, No Man's Sky, and BloodBorne. Of course they showed a lot of third party games and some of those games are games that were out on the PS3 last year. That upset me as a gamer because the PS4 should have been backward compatible. Instead games like The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto 5 are getting remasters and they just came out. Needless to say I won't be supporting those titles.  My favorite game from their conference was Destiny. I will be purchasing this game in September and I look forward to playing and enjoying Bungie's newest title.

Microsoft did exactly what I thought they would have had to do at this year's show. I think everyone remembers last year's show and many people had strong feelings about that particular show. This year I have to give it to them they kept it all about the games and I for one am happy for it. Microsoft like Sony has plenty of third party support but the games that actually caught my attention were Sunset Overdrive and The Master Chief Collection. Sunset Overdrive really caught me by surprise as it is a game that I never thought that the company would make honestly. It looks like a lot of fun and as a third person action shooter that has color in it, looks amazing. When it comes to Halo my favorite game was Halo 2 and that is the main reason why I want the collection. That game had the best multiplayer in the series and I was happy to hear that they were keeping it in tact and not touching a damn thing. My favorite game from this conference was Sunset Overdrive. I am looking forward to what Microsoft comes with for the rest of the year and they had a strong conference that I believe will help them from now on.

In my opinion they had the strongest, strangest, and most creative showing at e3. They did not have a conference in the traditional sense but instead opted for a Digital Event. The Event itself was forty-six minutes long and had Robot Chicken segments interwoven throughout. They also had what they called Treehouse Events. The Treehouse events were designed to give gamers and media an inside look at the games that were at the show. Then there was the Smash Bros Invitational which was pretty damn awesome. It featured the top Smash players duking it out in the new game, there was also celebrity matches as well as media matches.  It has been hard for me to choose a favorite as there are many games that were shown that are actually coming out this year and a few titles that I am looking forward to next year. So I am just going to narrow it down to what I am looking forward to this year. My favorite game from Nintendo was Hyrule Warriors. As a fan of the Zelda and Dynasty Warriors series' I am really looking forward to this came in September.

Well that's my breakdown of e3 2014. I still have a couple of discussions left on my Evening With series for YouTube. Tuesday night is going to be with Nintendo and next week will be with Microsoft. If you like the channel don't forget to like and subscribe.

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