Maleficent Review

The Movie
Wow I was pleasantly surprised by this one. So I was finally able to go see this film a couple of nights ago and I have to say its pretty good. Most of you reading this probably have seen the original animated feature for Sleeping Beauty. In that movie you are introduced to Maleficent one of Disney's best baddies. This film actually works kind of like a Disney Origins Maleficent movie. Its an origin story that kind of tells you the story of Sleeping Beauty except from Maleficent's point of view.  You also get to know more about the character of Maleficent and I have to say its an interesting take on the story. All through out the movie there are little nods to the original feature. I found myself remembering events from that movie through out this one. I have to give it to Disney they did a very good job on the CG for this movie. Everything looked good from a visual standpoint and even the scenes where magic was used looked great as well. As for the acting, Angelina Jolie was awesome as a matter of fact the whole cast did a good job. The only characters I had a problem with was Elle Fanning as Aurora and Brenton Thiwates as Prince Phillip. They weren't bad but compared to everybody else it was easy to see where the weak link lay. The movie is paced very well, it clocks at about 1 hour 35 minutes and it does not feel slow. Well it didn't feel slow to me. I will say this though, fellas if you are in the doghouse, do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, take your lady to this movie until you are out of the doghouse. Just saying, ideas were being planted throughout the movie.

For Parents
This movie is rated PG and outside of a couple big battle scenes there really isn't anything bad. Its a very enjoyable film and you shouldn't be bored in it if you have to watch it with the little ones.

This movie gets a FULL PRICE. Its well paced and the story has everything you could want with references to the original animated feature. It kind of makes you want to watch the original afterward, which I may do that this weekend. Thanks for reading I should have more reviews up later this week.

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