New channel incoming

New Show Starting Saturday

Hey guys I just wanted to take a little time to let you all know about a new YouTube channel that I will be hosting with a buddy of mine. That particular channel will be dedicated to movies, comics, and various entertainment news. Don't worry I will still be maintaining this blog for my movie reviews and other random geek related things that I enjoy. The name of that channel is Jay and Tee's Fresh Take and the first episode will be Saturday. I am still working on somethings so there isn't an actual channel image/avatar yet hope to have something up by tomorrow. We'll be talking about a plethora of topics but for the first show we will keep it simple. I hope you have a chance to check it out and don't worry I will share every episode and provide an mp3 of that episode every week. I hope you all enjoy the show. I will see you on Saturday.

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