Street Fighter Assassin's Fist

Street Fighter Assassin's Fist - Web Series Review

The Series
So Hollywood what do you say. In this web series we have a faithful adaptation of the Street Fighter story that's not animated. The series focuses on Ken, Ryu, Gouken, Gouki, and Gotestu. Its basically an origin story that deals with their fighting style and the birth of Akuma. The series does a good job showing the relationship between Ken and Ryu. Both of the actors did a good job representing each of the characters strengths and weaknesses. The flashback episodes in the series deal with Gouken and Gouki. Its very interesting how they delve into that backstory. On the whole the series is broken up in to 12 episodes that are 10 plus minutes long. It is much like the Mortal Kombat web series in that it is action based and that each of the character's movesets are represented faithfully. They also have music from the game sprinkled throughout the series. Like I said before this is an origin story that focuses on Ken and Ryu, there aren't any cameos from other characters in the games. There is one episode where you think that there may be a character showing up but it doesn't happen. This brings me to the fighting in this series. The fights are very well done and made me question how is it that Hollywood with their big budgets can't do this. As a fan of the series I think they did a good job and I am looking forward to what they come up with next as the ending left it open for the series to continue.

For Parents
I don't remember seeing a rating on this but if I had to rate it I would give it a PG-13. I also need to warn you that there is a little language in it as well. Ken tends to drop the F-Bomb a couple of times, but other than that outside of the fighting it isn't that bad. You can catch the series on YouTube. I suggest watching it for yourself and then determine if you want your children watching it.

The Verdict
Since its free I would rate this as a WATCH. If you are a fan of Street Fighter this is a must watch but if you are not it is still enjoyable.

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