Transistor Review

Transistor - Available on PS4 and Steam

The Game
I am quickly becoming a fan of SuperGiant Games. The first game that I played from this developer was Bastion on XBox Live and it was great. Their follow up is Transistor and is  a lot like Bastion in its gameplay and structure. The game in and of itself is an interesting mix of action RPG and a side scrolling beat'em up. The story itself follows Red a nightclub singer who has lost her voice and her trusty sword. The sword does all of the talking by the way, just like the narrator did in Bastion. The sword basically tells the story and gives hints about where to go next and so on and so forth.

The art in this game is awesome. Cutscenes are done in a watercolor style with the main art of the game being kind of a mix between watercolor and techno art. At first, looking at the screens I thought that it wouldn't work but in game it worked well. The artstyle also works well in relation to the action as all the enemies have that hand drawn watercolor look to them.

The music in this game is pretty good. If you know me, you know that I love good jazz and this game has that jazzy feel and sound to it there are also electronic as well as rock tracks. It also goes well with the story of the game as the heroine is a nightclub singer who has lost her voice. Their are some very good tracks and the album is available via bandcamp.  If you are interested check the link and give it a listen,

This game is a FULL PRICE for me. It is fun has a great combat system that is easy to pick up and on top of that it's only $14.99. If you like action RPG's you may want to check this one out.

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