Diversity in Comics, My 55 cents on Marvel's new announcements

What's up peeps. I just wanted to take a little time this afternoon to give my thoughts on this week's big announcements regarding a couple of Marvel's franchises. I have been reading some comments and giving it some thought and in all honesty I don't think that it's as bad as some people want to make it out to be. Now before you get mad at me and unfollow me, just hear me out. While I do not like changing up a character with a known background just to appease a certain percentage of the populace, I can forgive it if it is done within the realm of the story. Saying that let's first start with Thor.

As most of you in the know with comics have heard that later this year Thor will become unworthy of Mjolnir and a woman will become worthy of his hammer and be granted the power of Thor. First let me say this, THOR THE CHARACTER IS NOT TURNING INTO A WOMAN! Sorry for that but you have no idea how many comments I have read in the past couple of days that have just been stupid. Thor will still be around, he will have to wield the great axe Jarnbjorn. I do not see a problem with this unless the story is dumb and mishandled. Jason Aaron is on writing duties for that book and I tend to enjoy his work. Wolverine and the X-Men and his first run on Thor are two of my favorite titles, so this could actually work. I would be mad if Marvel just up and turned Thor into a woman because to me that is wrong. However, if he does something to where he is no longer worthy of Mjolnir then that in and of itself could make for great storytelling. All I am saying is read the book first before you cast judgment. Me personally, I will be giving it my standard first six issue test to see if it will be something I will enjoy. I think Marvel has put some thought behind this move and seeing as how they are not the company best known for their diverse array of heroes I would like to see where this will lead.

Captain America
So last night Joe Quesada was on The Colbert Report and revealed who the new Captain would be and it is Sam Wilson a.k.a The Falcon. Now before you blow a gasket there was a black Captain America before and Marvel has recognized that story as cannon. If you can find it, its called Truth Red, White, and Black, good read by the way. Now the synopsis for this is that Steve Rogers has the Super Soldier formula removed from his body and as a result his body begins to age rapidly. He chooses Sam as he is one of his closest friends and someone he can trust to carry on the mantle. I don't have a problem with this as they are not just turning Steve Rogers black, that would be wrong, jacked up, and down right offensive.  Once again I think what matters here is the story. If the characters are compelling and the story and artwork is good does it really matter what gender and race a character is, I don't think it does. Do I wish there were more minority heroes? Of course I do. I read a lot of different pieces of fiction and I was always amazed at how Japanese manga authors have black characters in their stories and it works out just fine because the stories are compelling or because they give that character respect. I am all for diversity in comics and all forms of media. Anyone can be a hero if that is what they choose to be and I hope that the stories are amazing and people get behind it instead of typing on a keyboard hate filled speech with no good reason as to why they are so against the change.

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