Hercules Movie Review


The Movie
FINALLY! THE ROCK HAS COME BACK......TO THRACE!!!!!!! Sorry people but you know I had to do it, I couldn't help myself. This is one of the movies that I had been looking forward to this summer and I have to say, I was pleasantly entertained. This movie is actually based off of a graphical novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars. I have to admit I have not read the graphical novel as I did not know of its existence before this movie. The movie itself has a good mix of humor, action, and tragedy. I am not the biggest fan of Brett Ratner but I have to say the direction in the movie was not bad at all. As for the story, I thought it was good. It is one of those stories that make you think and question a little what you just saw. I don't want to get in to specifics as it will spoil the movie, but in that respect I think the movie got it right. As for the supporting cast they did a really good job, especially Ian McShane's character he was hilarious in the movie. The comedy in the film was done well, there were a couple of moments that had me laughing out loud. With that being said it wasn't overly comical, there were some disturbing moments in the film that make me believe that there is going to be another cut of this when it hits blu ray(the film is rated PG-13). This brings me to a couple of issues I had with the movie. The first issue I had was the inconsistencies with the CG monsters. This is in the trailer so its not much of a spoiler, but the Nemean Lion, the Cretin Bull, and the Hydra all look great but when they talk about the other mythological creatures and they show them on screen they don't look up to par. Let's just say its obvious which monsters they wanted the audience to swoon over. My other issue I had was with the more tragic parts of the story. I felt like they should have spent a little more time with those scenes. Most of those sequences are told in a short clip format not even a full flashback and that was kind of disappointing to me. My last issue was that some of the editing during the fight sequences was handled oddly, but then again that is why I stated that I think there will be another cut of this movie when it comes to blu ray and dvd.

For Parents
The movie is rated PG-13. It does have action sequences that contain violence but they do a good job of keep it tame ala Lord of the Rings. Now the Rock does drop the F-bomb in the movie but other than that the language is fine as well. I wouldn't take the little ones to see it but anybody who has seen Lord of the Rings or any superhero movie should be just fine.

I give this movie a MATINEE. It was a lot of fun with a decent story that did not drag at all. The movie itself is only an hour and thirty minutes and a fun little afternoon movie to watch. After this movie you will probably ask yourself, why didn't they cast the Rock to play Conan. Watch the movie and you will see what I mean.

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