Gamers @ Large Network

Gamers @ Large Network

Sorry guys I meant to do a video about this but I have been having some issues with my webcam lately and I figure I better just let people know via my blog. Some of you may know this but I am a member of the Gamers @ Large and we have launched our network. Yesterday was our first episode under the new channel and format. Here's the short synopsis of what we are trying to accomplish. We want to make the YouTube Gaming Community fun again and distance ourselves from the foolishness that has run rampant there. I'll provide a link to the intro video that goes into more detail. If you are interested in joining and being a part of the network we do have an application that needs to be filled out and some criteria that must be met (don't worry its nothing to crazy). There will be links provided for that as well.

Now what does this mean for my channel. Nothing really, I will still be hosting discussions, reviews, and posting gameplays. I will try and make sure that there will always be some new videos on my channel at least once a week. I am also on Twitter now so be sure to follow me there as well @JayFlemming.

Gamers @ Large Intro Video

Gamers @ Large About Doc

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