Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

The Movie
I'm just going to come out and say it I love this movie. This is the movie that a lot of people were worried about as this is the movie that is completely in space for the majority of the movie. I mean they spend the like the first seven minutes of the movie on earth and don't come back to it at all. This is a very good thing as it allows to get to see the universe and all of the different species that are present. One thing that is prevalent is this movie is comedy. In all honesty I feel like the comedy has never been a problem with the Marvel movies but this one is a straight up action comedy. Fans of the comic should like the fact that it takes the characters from the Guardians book that is out now. Sorry for fans of the other Guardian series'. For those of you who may be worrying that a talking raccoon and a giant tree that only says three words can't work on screen, trust me they work well on screen. All of the actors do a great job in their rolls. I did like Lee Pace as Ronnan the Accuser the only thing I didn't like was how they tried to make him like this unstoppable force. Still though Lee Pace did a great job. Karen Gillan also did a great job as Nebula even though she really wasn't in it as much as I thought she would be. Thanos does show up in the movie and its not that bad. He's voiced by Josh Brolin and its not a bad voice over. The CG in the movie is great and it looked like a lot of care went in to the creation of the different alien species. Another thing I liked was the soundtrack. As a child of the 80s a lot of the songs I actually recognized and it was cool to see how it was used as Chris Pratt's characters most treasured item. There's not a lot that I didn't like about the film itself, the only thing I didn't like was the stinger. Some people may like it, I thought they could have done something else. Now you may be thinking how in the hell is this going to connect back to the Avengers. Well its the Infinity Stones in which they actually spend a little time talking about in this movie. Its what Thanos wants and everybody already knows that he's going to be the main bad guy for Avengers 3.

For Parents
The movie is rated PG-13. It does have some language in it and there are some scenes of violence. Other than that I don't think its a particularly bad film but you may not want to take the little ones to it, however, teens and adults should definitely go see it especially if you are a Marvel fan.

The Verdict
Its a Full Price movie. I didn't go see it in IMAX but I have heard nothing but good things about the IMAX version. I watched in DBOX so if you have a DBOX theater I recommend going to see it in there.

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