Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TMNT Review

The Movie
Well I went and seen it, as a matter of fact I got back about an hour ago. I have to say its not a bad movie and its not a good movie either. Its just an okay movie and this is me being completely honest. There is a lot to dislike and a few things to like about this film. Let's start with the dislikes and be advised that some of these dislikes come from the story of this movie. First, I had a problem with the Foot Clan as they are not ninja's but a mercenary group. It kind of takes away from the story, which has a lot of plot holes by the way, that makes the film feel uneven. Another thing that I didn't like is the pacing of the movie, it drags at the beginning of the movie and is noticable. I have to mention this but Megan Fox is really miscast as April O'Neil and I understand what they were trying to do with her by making her more integral to the story. However, what they do story wise makes no effin sense and that's being nice about it. Also I hope you are not a fan of Karai because she is in the movie and is completely useless. I mean they did her character no justice whatsoever and it is a shame. Lastly, I have to say that the CG on the turtles while it bothered me at first I got used to it as the movie went on. Splinter however, did not look good to me, the whole Fu ManChu thing was throwing me off. Now there were some things to like with this movie. One thing the action is very good. My favorite fight in the film is Splinter vs Shredder. It was very cool to see them face off and go at it. The problem with Shredder is that while they did make him a imposing presence you get the idea that he really didn't need that armor the way they have it in the film. Another thing that I liked was the turtles themselves, the back and forth between the brothers were pretty good and when they are on screen the film works.

For Parents
The movie is PG-13 but there isn't anything in the film that kids can't see. Its your basic superhero movie, with lots of action and comedy to go around. There were a lot of kids in the theater tonight and they were loving the movie.

The Verdict
I have to give this movie a RENTAL. Even if you are a fan of the franchise you would just be baffled by some of the choices they make story wise. Also there really isn't anything memorable about the movie. They take lines from other films in the franchise as well as a line from the 80's cartoon and from the SNES Turtles in Time videogame. If you just have to go watch it feel free but I wouldn't pay full price, I would go during matinee.

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