First Impressions - Azure Striker Gunvolt

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Avaliable on Nintendo 3DS

The Game
Keiji Inafune sure does love teasing people and embarrassing Capcom doesn't he, I mean the man is awesome at what he does. The man behind Mega Man has a game in the Nintendo eShop, Azure Striker GunVolt. The game plays a lot like the Mega Man X series and takes some of its playstyle from that series. Me personally, I am a fan of that particular series so this is a lot of fun for me. I am about an hour and fifteen minutes into the game and I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

The Artstyle
Like I stated earlier the game looks and plays a lot like the Mega Man X series of games. That being said the characters and story have an anime feel to them. I feel like the enemy designs had a lot of thought and heart poured into them. Some of the main enemies are just plain hilarious and I like the different forms that they have as well. The enemies are varied and that plays into the combat of the game. That is something that I am sure people will be glad to hear.

The Music
The music in this game is pretty good. The theme's that each character has fit their personality's very well. There are also a couple of tracks that play at certain times when certain conditions are met, that reinforce that anime vibe. One of the characters being a singer, its pretty much expected that a J-Pop song will show up at some point.

The Combat
Remember when I said that the enemies are all varied, well they are and it plays into the combat system very well. Just like in other games by Inafune you can speed run the game but there are some enemies that can make that difficult. No worries though, as there are plenty of upgrades to be had in game that help our hero out. So far this game is proving to be pretty fun title for me, I plan on doing a full review of this one on my YouTube channel soon.

*Also if you purchase this game before November 28th and you will get Mighty GunVolt for free. In that game you will get to play as GunVolt as well as Beck from Mighty No. 9.

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