First Impressions - Destiny

Destiny - Available on PS4, PS3, XBONE, XBOX 360, and PC; 
Version Played PS4

The Game
So I have finally played enough of my favorite Sony game from e3 this year. Now a lot has been said about this game and the hype around it which is exactly why it has taken me this long to do my first impression for this game. First the game is an MMO, despite what some may believe it is an MMO. For those that have played an MMO before it is a little light on the content. I know that there are people who are going to be upset about this as when you look at other MMO's they are usually packed with content. This lead's to one of the problems that I have with the game. I think that this game suffers from an identity crisis. Its like it wants to be Mass Effect, Halo, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft. Me personally I am having fun with the game but I can understand how some people are having issues with this. My suggestion would be continue to play the game, there are a lot of things to enjoy and do in the world of Destiny besides just the main story campaign. I will say this that the game is fun if you have friends to play with (I always miss my friends and I am trying to get caught up level wise). You will need PS Plus or XBOX Live to play this game as it is an always online game.

The Graphics
The game looks beautiful. I have to give Bungie credit the world they created is graphically amazing. The designs of the enemies and locales, even the weapons and abilities are well done. Sometimes I wish the game was fully third person instead of just third person in certain parts. Even with that being the case it is still awesome to look at, just take a look at the pictures on this blog they are all in game.

The Combat/Gameplay
Earlier in this impression I said the game suffers a bit from an identity crisis and this is where it occurs. While in game the game is a first person shooter until you do your special move which then switches the third person does the move and then switches back to first person. It just feels like there wasn't a clear vision on what they wanted to do, personally I think they should of went with a third person action style. I say this because when playing the game you can see points where there are places that can be used for cover. Saying that I still think that this game is fun, I'm a little over 10 hours in and I am still having fun with the game. Taking my time and not trying to blast through everything is helping me to enjoy the game more.

The Music
The music is pretty good. The soundtrack does, however, remind me a little of Halo but that is to be expected a little. I mean its not bad, its just a lot of the tracks sound the same if you played Halo 1 - 3.

*DISCLAIMER: Its kind of hard to review this game as it is going to be expanded and patched. If I were to give this a rating I would say FULL PRICE, especially if you have friends that you can team up with. Check out 30 minutes of gameplay from yours truly.

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