Death of Wolverine

Thoughts on the Death of Wolverine

Well comic fans, Wolverine is dead. The final Death of Wolverine book came out this past week and with all four issues out of the way I thought I would give my thoughts on the series as a whole. Now I have not been following the whole year long build up as I have some issues with that story itself. I am just going to focus on the four issue limited series.

The Comics
The series as a whole is not that bad. Wolverine is one of Marvel's iconic heroes but as of the last few years it seemed like he was in everyone's book. I mean it had seriously gotten to the point that people would joke that if your favorite comic wasn't selling just add Wolverine to it and in all honesty it felt like it from time to time. For some readers, I believe they started to suffer from Wolverine fatigue and you really can't blame them for that. So the non-spoilery synopsis is that Wolverine has had his healing factor malfunction and because of this he is now more vulnerable than he has ever been. His enemies have found out and now they are gunning for him. The series does a good job of bringing in the more well known bad guys that Logan has tangled with, but for me that is kind of the problem. Some of these characters show up for no reason and leave for no reason as well. Its almost as if they were just written in to say 'Hey I was one of Wolverine's bad guys!' and then they leave. I know some people are going to have an issue with the way he died in that last book. I will just say this he doesn't go out the way you would expect, all things considered. There is one guest cameo in that Kitty Pryde does show up in one of the books. Personally, I would have liked it better if Jubilee had shown up but that is a topic for a whole other discussion. The cameo isn't that bad, I just didn't like what they did with it as I thought it could have been better.  I will say this that I did like the art in the book. I could clearly tell what was going in every action sequence and the art flowed well from panel to panel.

The Verdict
I am torn on this one I am not going to lie. Part of me wants to say that this is a definite buy but they were to many problems in my opinion. While I enjoyed the series as a whole there were a couple of books that simply were not that good. I also know that the ending will more than likely piss people off if they were expecting something else. I am going to give this a BORROW IT. That way if you do like it you can buy the graphic novel when it comes out.

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