Film Review - The Equalizer

The Equalizer

The Movie
Denzel Washington stars in this movie based on the 80's TV show. When you watch the movie you will notice a lot of similarities to the Taken movie series. The main difference I would have to say is in the way Denzel plays the role. He is to smooth in this role and it is apparent from the get go that you do not mess with this man. The villains in the movie are all villains that can't be redeemed at all. I mean they talk so much trash that you don't feel sorry for them when they get their come uppance. I, for one, am glad that the villains are like this, to many times in movies especially now they want to make the villain likeable. Sometimes I just want the villain to be a villain that needs to die. One thing I do need to warn you about though, if you are a fan of Chloe Moretz you may be upset because she is barely in the this movie and the movie is over 2 hours. She is basically in there to get Denzel's character to be the person that he is and there's nothing wrong with that its just that the trailer will have you believe that she is all in the movie but she is only in about 4 scenes. The movie is shot well but there are some issues with the film. One problem I had was with the villains. They were supposed to be Russian mafia but there accents kept going in and out it was getting on my nerves a little bit. Then there was the third act, the movie was going great. I was enjoying the pacing and although I did like the climatic fight sequence and how it came about, I did not like what happened after that. I think they went to far and it killed the flow of the movie. I think I would have went a little different at the end of the movie. Let me mention that the acting is good in the movie and I think that the story was just fine outside of the ending.

For Parents
This movie is Rated R and its mostly for language and violence. There is a lot of violence and death in the movie but for the most part it is very cerebral. Meaning that you will see the setup and the aftermath as the fights especially the physical scenes are shot pretty fast. There isn't any real gore, but there is a lot of physical violence. It really isn't for anybody under 16 in my opinion.

The Verdict
To me this movie is a MATINEE. It is a good action movie with a charasmatic hero. Saying that there are flaws in the movie and the ending was kind of to much for me and it just killed the flow in my opinion. If you are a fan of Taken you should enjoy this movie as it follows some of the same beats as that movie.

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