Film Review - John Wick

The Movie
This movie is a straight up revenge film. I have to give it to Keanu he did a good job in the role. The movie revolves around a retired hit man, John Wick, whose wife has recently passed away. He is devastated and then a puppy shows up on his doorstep. Apparently, before she passed his wife got him that puppy so that he wouldn't have to be alone. Its at this point that John begins to grieve and realizes he's gained a little buddy. I just want to say that at this point when I watched the trailer I will admit that I wasn't buying it, however, the way it is portrayed in the movie I totally bought the fondness for the puppy. The very next day, he runs into some low level gangster's that want his car, he says no, they follow him to his house beat him up, kill the puppy, and steal the car. That makes him jump back in to the life to get revenge and pretty much rain death on anyone who gets in his way. This is where the movie shines to me, as they do a good job of making you bad guys get what's coming to them. A couple of things surprised me was the comedy in the movie and the amount of cameos that were in the movie as well. There are some cameos that are really going to surprise you. The action is shot well and the choreography is done well too. The hotel that they have for hit men in this movie is off da chain. I wanted to stay there, they way that place was set up. I did have a couple of issues with the movie and the film's villains. They make some dumbest James Bond villainesque decisions that honestly make no sense. It makes no sense especially when everyone knows how much of a badass John Wick is, you would think that they would be smarter than the way they were acting. There isn't that much character development in the movie and some people may have a problem with that. The ending was okay but with everything that happened in the movie I was hoping for something a little bit different.

For Parents
This movie is Rated R. It has a lot of violence and language in the movie. Its a lot like The Equalizer in that way. Like I stated earlier it is a straight up revenge film so it is action heavy.

The Verdict
I give this movie a MATINEE. Its a fun afternoon movie. I would give this a full price, but this movie is a straight popcorn flick action movie. Nothing wrong with that but I would say catch it during the afternoon.

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