First Impressions - Super Smash Bros 3DS

Super Smash Bros - Nintendo 3DS

The Game
Its finally here in North America. Smash bros on the 3DS and I must say it does feel good to be able to smash on the go. The game itself plays like Smash Bros. and like all of Masahiro Sakurai's games this one is packed with content. There are a plethora of modes to go through some of which are familiar and a few new ones. One of the new modes that I am sure a lot of people have heard about is Smash Run. Personally, I enjoy the hell out that mode, however, I should warn you I am a big fan of the Subspace Emissary mode in Smash Bros Brawl. That mode is kind of similar to the one in Brawl except you have 5 minutes to defeat enemies and grab as many power-ups as you can, once the 5 minutes are up you are placed in a random brawl utilizing the power-ups you have been able to obtain. Some people may not like the randomness of it, but me I love that part. Also you can gain different moves for your characters that can be customized to change up how they play. Its an interesting concept and I am enjoying playing around with the different customization options.

The Combat/Gameplay
For those who may not know, Smash Bros is a 2D fighter where up to four people duke it out on a given stage. The purpose is to launch opposing character's from the stage resulting in a ringout. You can play timed matches or stock matches. You can also play with or without items, items add a very Looney Toon-esque element to the game. Once items are on the chaos on screen gets amplified. Now being that this game is on the 3DS there are times where it can get hard to tell what's going on, on screen. Its not a problem all the time for me but it has happened on a couple of occasions during my initial playthrough (I'm about 10 hours in to the game so far). The are a variety of Nintendo characters to choose from each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some characters take a little while to learn the ins and outs of and that's fine. If you ever want to take a break from the fighting you can always go in stadium mode and try your hand at target smash and other side games. I did try the online and while it is leagues better than it was on Brawl I have played a couple of matches where a little lag occurred. It wasn't for long but it did happen and I just want people to be aware of it.

The Music
The soundtrack is awesome. There are plenty of remixed and retooled Nintendo themes that make up the soundtrack. Also if you have a Club Nintendo account do not forget to register this game and if you plan on getting the Wii U version, when you register that game you will be able to get the soundtrack. I am getting both and I am looking forward to getting that soundtrack. Now if we can just convince Nintendo to give up the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack that would be awesome as well.

The Graphics
For a handheld game, graphically its not bad. Of course everything is smaller to fit the 3DS screen sizes but I think that it looks great. Just do not expect Wii U graphics on the handheld, if you are then I honestly don't what to say to you. Seriously I do not.

Well that about does it for my First Impression, be sure to check out my YouTube channel in the coming weeks for my review discussion on this game. Also if you want to get a couple of games online, just leave me a comment on here or in Google + and I will let you know when I can be available. All of my gamertag information can be found on the 'About Me' tab of this blog.

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