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Game Review - Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 - Available on Wii U

The Game
So Bayonetta 2 came out back in October and as a matter of fact I have already done a review discussion on my channel for it. However, I have been feeling that lately I have been neglecting doing reviews here on my blog. So don't be surprised if you see a few reviews that have been discussed on the channel written out here. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, this game is still awesome. It's nice to have a game that is still as much fun to play a month later as it was when I played it on launch day. It really is a testament to Platinum Games and the amount of work and quality that they put in to this game. The story, like the first game, is ridiculous but works well in the world that Platinum has created. Taking place a few months after the end of the previous game. We find Bayonetta doing some Christmas shopping with Enzo when angels attack. During the course of the battle, Bayonetta's best friend Jeanne winds up getting her…

First Impressions Smash Bros U

Smash Bros U
Available on Nintendo Wii U

The Game
Its Smash in HD and it is off da chain. If you thought the 3DS version was awesome the Wii U version is about a 1000 times better. At the same time though it feels very familiar. The games' setup is almost identical to the 3DS version, however, there are some modes that are exclusive to the U. I will be going over those in detail in my full review (that will be done in about a week). If you did not get the 3DS version you will be happy to know that the game is a helluva lot faster than Brawl. The character roster is the same as the 3DS version but the trophies and assist trophies are different. Also some of the stages are different as well, there are a couple stages that are shared between both games. Also for people who like to create their own stages, the stage creator from Brawl is back and I have to say that I like the additions that they made to that feature. The game can played locally or online and everything runs smoothly and …

Game Cafe Reviews - Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight:  Available on WiiU, 3DS, and PC
version played 3DS

The Game
This game is an homage to the 8 bit era of gaming. Everything in the presentation screams it and I, for one, am thankful to Yacht Club Games for the throwback. The game itself revolves around the Shovel Knight and his quest to rid the land of evil. There are a lot of characters in this game, many of which are some form knight. This game is a platformer and as such has a lot of the platforming genre elements in it. To me one of the best things about the game is that it plays and keeps to its nostalgic 8 bit roots. Everything from the music to the button layout, to the visuals, and cheat codes will have the older gamers thinking fondly of the good ol' days. Of course right after that you will be yelling profanities at the screen being cheated out of a jump you know you cleared. Hey it happens in this game. There is a lot to love here, especially if you are a platforming enthusiast. The story isn't that bad a…

Comic Review: X-Men & Avengers: Axis part 2

X-Men & Avengers: Axis Book 2 Inversion


This little mini review is going to have some light spoilers. I kind of have to in order to do a little bit of synopsis. So this is your warning. If you read below this you have been warned.

At the end of Act 1, the united front of the Avengers and X-Men were able to take down the Red Onslaught. However, in the aftermath of the battle something just wasn't right. Act 2 begins with the Avengers trying to kill a locked up Red Skull. The X-Men suddenly under the leadership of Apocalypse and wanting to wage war on all of humanity. Carnage, Hobgoblin, Mystique, Sabretooth, and Doom are acting like good guys, saving people and trying to do good. Yeah every body has lost their ever loving minds. It seems that Magneto is one of the few that realize this and the danger that this actually poses.
Now as far as this act goes to me its not that bad. I have had some discussions with a couple of people about it and I can understand their i…

Movie Review Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

The Movie
Well Disney I have to hand it to ya, you made me catch the feels with this one. This movie is an action comedy in the same vein as The Incredibles. I would normally do a short synopsis but its kind of hard to do without spoiling some stuff that happen early on in the film so I'll be skipping that this time. I'll make it up to you next time, I promise. Visually the film is amazing. The character models look great and really compliment both the action and comedy in the film. I also think that the voice actors all did an awesome job. Nothing felt forced and none of the gags ran on for to long. I also have to say that they have an enjoyable car chase in this movie. This year I have seen some well done car chases and this one ranks up there with those. As I said before I usually don't catch the feels in movies but just like Up, this movie got me too. There are a couple parts that just tug at the heart strings. I also want to mention that the movie paced well …

First Impressions - Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive - Available on the XBONE

The Game
I have to give it to Microsoft, this is a game I just didn't think they would bring on their system. Saying that I have to say that this game is pretty fun. The story involves a mutant outbreak after a new energy drink release goes horribly wrong. From the outset the game takes a sand box approach to the game play. It works for what you are doing in game. No complaints from me about that, also the story has a comedic and outlandish tone which also works. The characters that I have met so far are a lot of fun and have their own style and presence that makes for a rather enjoyable experience so far.

The Graphics
This game is bursting with color. I am so glad that the developers went this route. It goes with the tone of the story and visually it is impressive. In the gameplay vid that I will be attaching to this post you will see what I mean. I also like the 'punk' look of the game. You customize your character at the beginning o…

Comic Review: X-Men & Avengers - Axis part 1

Act 1: The Red Supremacy

We're at that time of year in comics where its crossover and event time. This fall Marvel is releasing X-Men & Avengers Axis Event. This story is one that has spun out of Uncanny Avengers and deals with one of the overhanging plots from that series. If you haven't kept up with that one here's the Geek Cornerstore short synopsis.

Red Skull have dug up Charles Xavier's grave and stolen his mutant powers has been using those powers to spread hate and fear across the globe. Magneto in an effort to rid the world of his menace kills Skull. Bad move, however, as this awakens The Red Onslaught. Both the Avengers and X-Men ban together to confront Red Onslaught and that is where Act 1 begins and ends.

Act 1 spans 3 issues and has a few tie in comics that go along with the main story. I am finding that I am enjoying myself with this one more so than I did with the previous crossover Original Sin. The bulk of the action takes place on Genosha with the he…