Comic Review: X-Men & Avengers - Axis part 1

Act 1: The Red Supremacy

We're at that time of year in comics where its crossover and event time. This fall Marvel is releasing X-Men & Avengers Axis Event. This story is one that has spun out of Uncanny Avengers and deals with one of the overhanging plots from that series. If you haven't kept up with that one here's the Geek Cornerstore short synopsis.

Red Skull have dug up Charles Xavier's grave and stolen his mutant powers has been using those powers to spread hate and fear across the globe. Magneto in an effort to rid the world of his menace kills Skull. Bad move, however, as this awakens The Red Onslaught. Both the Avengers and X-Men ban together to confront Red Onslaught and that is where Act 1 begins and ends.

Act 1 spans 3 issues and has a few tie in comics that go along with the main story. I am finding that I am enjoying myself with this one more so than I did with the previous crossover Original Sin. The bulk of the action takes place on Genosha with the heroes putting aside their differences to take on Skull's new form. I won't give away the story but there are some interesting callbacks to the House of M crossover (you may want to Wikipedia that one folks). The artwork is pretty good. I liked how the action flowed from panel to panel.  The dialogue isn't that bad either. The story takes place after the death of Wolverine, so no Logan in this story. Also this is Sam Wilson's first crossover event as the new Captain America. Also wanted to add that Queen Medusa from the Inhumans shows up in this event. I am actually glad that they are utilizing the Inhumans in this story as I am currently enjoying that book as well. I am interested to see where the rest of the story will go, as Act 1 ended with one of my favorite X villains returning. There are two more acts in this event and I have to say that I enjoyed the first act.

I am going to hold off on giving a Final Verdict until the story is completed. I have to say that it would have been nice to see Wolverine in this story. Oh well beggars can't be choosers and this story does have Deadpool and I am content with that for now.

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