Comic Review: X-Men & Avengers: Axis part 2

X-Men & Avengers: Axis Book 2 Inversion


This little mini review is going to have some light spoilers. I kind of have to in order to do a little bit of synopsis. So this is your warning. If you read below this you have been warned.

At the end of Act 1, the united front of the Avengers and X-Men were able to take down the Red Onslaught. However, in the aftermath of the battle something just wasn't right. Act 2 begins with the Avengers trying to kill a locked up Red Skull. The X-Men suddenly under the leadership of Apocalypse and wanting to wage war on all of humanity. Carnage, Hobgoblin, Mystique, Sabretooth, and Doom are acting like good guys, saving people and trying to do good. Yeah every body has lost their ever loving minds. It seems that Magneto is one of the few that realize this and the danger that this actually poses.
Now as far as this act goes to me its not that bad. I have had some discussions with a couple of people about it and I can understand their issues with this particular part of the crossover. Throughout most of Act 2 you are basically just seeing the heroes being colossal douche's to each other. There is also no real explanation for Apocalypse just showing. If Evan was to become inverted how would he become a full blown Apocalypse. I would like to know that and that's something that you won't really get in this Act, and that is explanation's for characters acting the way they are acting. It seems like Rick Remender is setting up some sort of status quo that will affect the Marvel U for some time when this is all said and done. You can already see it with some characters. For example, Tony Stark has really gone off the deep end and this Act ties in to his new series Superior Iron Man. All in all I think it is more of a wait and see what happens next issue, as I understand it Act 3 is the conclusion of Axis. It will be nice to see how Remender wraps this one up. As far as the artwork is concerned, it is pretty good. Lenil Yu handles issue 4 and Terry Dodson issues 5 and 6. The artwork is clean and you can tell what is happening from panel to panel. I have been enjoying the artwork of this crossover so far and you will hear no complaints from me about that.

Just like the previous post on Axis Book 1, I will hold off giving a final review until I read the last Act. Right now though I am still enjoying the crossover so far. I am just hoping that the conclusion actually makes sense and they don't stumble at the finish line.

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