First Impressions Smash Bros U

Smash Bros U
Available on Nintendo Wii U

The Game
Its Smash in HD and it is off da chain. If you thought the 3DS version was awesome the Wii U version is about a 1000 times better. At the same time though it feels very familiar. The games' setup is almost identical to the 3DS version, however, there are some modes that are exclusive to the U. I will be going over those in detail in my full review (that will be done in about a week). If you did not get the 3DS version you will be happy to know that the game is a helluva lot faster than Brawl. The character roster is the same as the 3DS version but the trophies and assist trophies are different. Also some of the stages are different as well, there are a couple stages that are shared between both games. Also for people who like to create their own stages, the stage creator from Brawl is back and I have to say that I like the additions that they made to that feature. The game can played locally or online and everything runs smoothly and looks great on big screen TV. If you thought that 4 player Smashes were fun, just wait until you play an 8 player smash. The chaos that is unleashed on screen is sheer beauty. The fight stages are varied and each one has their own hazards or just plain crazy additions added to the stage, none more evident than in Jungle HiJinxes. Yeah try that one out its one of my favorite stages in the game. This game like its predecessors is packed with content and quality. A lot of love has gone into making this game a beast and it shows.

The Combat
For those that don't know, the game is a 2d fighter featuring Nintendo Mascots and characters with a sprinkling of 3rd party characters. It is setup to play however you wish to play. There is a plethora of options to make your game as customizable as possible. Also the fighters are customizable as well, some of the moves are advantageous while others not so much. Its one of those situations where you will need to play around with it to find out what moves work best for you. Last thing I want to mention combat wise are the Mii Characters. Yes you can bring your mii in, or any mii you have created, and turn them into a fighter. It is fun playing as yourself and beating the hell out of Mario, ah great times.

The Music
The music is a mix of remixes and remasters to classic Nintendo themes. In game you can set how often certain music plays on a stage. I have my favorite themes so I usually set those to play more than others. I like what they have done with the music, some of the remixes I have never heard of before and they are great.

**I am still playing through this game and since I am at home (in GA) this week for Thanksgiving, I haven't had a chance to spend any decent amount of time in the online portions of the game. I will do that once I get back to VA and will give my full review then.**

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