First Impressions - Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive - Available on the XBONE

The Game
I have to give it to Microsoft, this is a game I just didn't think they would bring on their system. Saying that I have to say that this game is pretty fun. The story involves a mutant outbreak after a new energy drink release goes horribly wrong. From the outset the game takes a sand box approach to the game play. It works for what you are doing in game. No complaints from me about that, also the story has a comedic and outlandish tone which also works. The characters that I have met so far are a lot of fun and have their own style and presence that makes for a rather enjoyable experience so far.

The Graphics
This game is bursting with color. I am so glad that the developers went this route. It goes with the tone of the story and visually it is impressive. In the gameplay vid that I will be attaching to this post you will see what I mean. I also like the 'punk' look of the game. You customize your character at the beginning of the game and they put some pretty weird combinations in there. I am thinking about going back and just making the weirdest character I can think of after I finish my first playthrough. Oh before I forget the environments in this game look pretty cool too, as do the weapons. The weapons range from bizarre to ridiculous.

The Combat
I stated before that this game has a sandbox feel to it, well add some on rails grinding and a third person shooter and you have Sunset Overdrive. The combat does take a little getting used to, I did have a little trouble aiming while rail grinding. I will readily admit that the problem was more than likely me as I wasn't used to that type of game play. I have to say though once you get the hang of it, it is just like any other game it becomes second nature.  Just be advised that there may be a little bit of a learning curve. Another thing that is important to remember that this game is about style. So once you have the game play down, try different combinations to take down enemies. All in all I am having fun so far besides the learning curve and a slight issue with the camera its a fun game to play. I will try to play as much as possible but with all the other games coming out a review of this one may be a little bit down the road when things get quiet again. For now check out my first 30 minutes of game play.

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