Game Review - Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 - Available on Wii U

The Game
So Bayonetta 2 came out back in October and as a matter of fact I have already done a review discussion on my channel for it. However, I have been feeling that lately I have been neglecting doing reviews here on my blog. So don't be surprised if you see a few reviews that have been discussed on the channel written out here. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, this game is still awesome. It's nice to have a game that is still as much fun to play a month later as it was when I played it on launch day. It really is a testament to Platinum Games and the amount of work and quality that they put in to this game. The story, like the first game, is ridiculous but works well in the world that Platinum has created. Taking place a few months after the end of the previous game. We find Bayonetta doing some Christmas shopping with Enzo when angels attack. During the course of the battle, Bayonetta's best friend Jeanne winds up getting her soul dragged to hell and this kicks off Bayonetta's new adventure. Graphically, this game is leagues better than the first Bayonetta. Everything from the environment, to the backgrounds, and even the enemies are breathtaking. The game is colorful and this simple addition makes a world of difference. As far as combat is concerned, the game plays and runs smoothly all of the animations are fast and fluid. During my multiple playthroughs I only saw a dip twice and it wasn't game breaking. There is plenty of replay value to be had in this game as there are a lot of weapons, costumes, moves, and accessories to obtain. There is no DLC for this game so everything has to be unlocked and can be with a little time and patience. Also if you are trying to go for Platinum and Pure Platinum grades on each level you will need to replay this game multiple times. Some weapons work better on some chapters in the game that were not available to you on your first playthrough. So just keep that in mind. The boss battles in this game can happen at anytime and are some of the best parts of the game. On a side note Chapter 16 is the last chapter of the game play that level in the Star Mercenary costume for a cool little easter egg. Trust me you'll thank me for it later. Also, I cannot forget about Tag Climax mode, which can be played online or off, you can grab a friend and the two of you can go head to head against certain enemies from the game. This mode is actually a lot of fun and you can even unlock characters via this mode as well. If I had any complaints about the game it would be with the camera. At certain points in game the camera will spin out, I don't know why it did that with me, but it didn't happen often maybe once or twice. It didn't break the game for me but I thought it was important to mention so people are aware.

For Parents
This game is rated M for Mature. Contrary to popular belief it is mostly rated that way for language. They drop the F-Bomb a lot in this game. While there are a few suggestive scenes in game, if you are dressed in the costumes you don't see anything. In all honesty outside of one blurred out sequence (that was in the first game mind you) at the beginning you really don't see anything. That being said it is not for children. Its target audience is Teens and Adults and that is who should be playing this game.

The Verdict
This game gets a FULL PRICE. On top of the beautiful visuals and smooth gameplay, the game comes packaged with the first Bayonetta (which is an amazing game in its own right). Basically, you are getting two games for the price of one.  If you would like to see how it plays check out my game play vids on the YouTube Channel.

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