Comics Review: X-Men & Avengers Axis Book Three

Book Three: New World Disorder

The Event
So this week brought an end to the Axis Event. If you have been keeping up with this blog I have already discussed books one and two so I won't be getting into those. To me this event suffers from what previous events suffer from and that is the endgame. The beginning usually starts off very good and the middle is usually okay, but the ending is where things can spin out of control. With that being said let's start with my dislikes. For me, that's what happened with this story. It's almost as if Remender was trying to channel Avengers vs X-Men from two years ago. As the inverted heroes are trying to kill each other. The inverted villains and Spider-Man are trying to stop them. Many times during book three the writing felt out of control with to many things happening. It also doesn't help when there is more than one artist on each chapter, every artist has there own distinct style and having more than one can cause the story to feel uneven. That's I felt happened here, it also doesn't help that we already know that Iron Man will stay inverted because of The Superior Iron Man book that started two months ago. Yeah so that was already spoiled. There are a few characters that stay inverted and it will be interesting to see what the status quo will be when everyone returns to their own books. One of the things that I liked about this book was what they did with Sabretooth. Ever since the death of Wolverine we have been wondering who will step up and take his place (at least until his inevitable rebirth, I'm calling it now sometime next Fall) well in this book there is no question who it will be. The best thing about this event though is the setup for the future of certain teams. How the changes will affect the status quo? What will happen to those that kept their inversion when they finally go back to the way they are supposed to be? These questions alone are interesting enough to see where certain books will go if there respective authors plan to do anything with those threads.

The Verdict
For the series as a whole I have say BORROW IT. The problem stems from the uneven nature of the event as a whole. I am really starting to hate events in comics now as they are really becoming a let down instead of pure awesomeness. Here's hoping the next event will be more even toned in scope and story.

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