Film Review - The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies

The Movie
And that's a wrap folks. This movie marks the end of the Hobbit trilogy and brings an end to what is arguably one of the best film franchises of the generation. There is a lot to like here and some stuff to scratch your head at, especially if you have read the book. Now if you are a fan of the book then you already know that to make this three movies there had to be some elements added. I am going to leave the book out of it for the purpose of this review. Visually, the movie looks just like the previous films in the trilogy and I thought those films looked great. The movie picks up right where it left off with Smaug bearing down on Laketown and the people running in fear for their lives. It was action packed and I enjoyed it as the scene to me was intense. Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome as the dragon Smaug, as he sounds like wants to kill anything that moves. The standoff between him and Bard was great and the scene flowed very well to me. The CG in the film, while some people have a problem with it, I did not. To me it looked well done, there were a couple of points where you could tell it was bad but for the majority of the film it was well done. One thing Peter Jackson does well with all of his films is imagery that feels creepy. There are a couple of scenes that I thought worked well in the imagery department and helped to illustrate some of the points of the film. Its also important to note that this is the shortest of the movies. It is not three hours, it is actually two hours and thirty minutes. This is where some of the problems I had with the film begin. Even at two and a half hours it still feels a little long. The reason I say this is because there are scenes that just feel out of place. Some things they try to tie back to the Lord of the Rings trilogy that kind of make sense but in all honesty could have been left out. Sometimes if felt like they were trying to hard to make it fit to the original Lord of the Rings movies. With that being said they did do a good enough job of tying up the loose ends of this story. For that I have to say good job. Honestly, I thought that two movies were fine and I didn't know how three were going to work. Jackson and his team did a good job in my opinion even with the problems that I had. I will more than likely buy the extended edition when it comes out on blu ray because that version may make some of those scenes I am referring to make sense.

For Parents
This just like the previous films in the series. It is rated PG-13 for violence and battle sequences. There are deaths in the film but nothing overly gory. If your children have seen any movies in the series so far, I don't see why they wouldn't be able to watch this one as well.

The Verdict
I am going to give this movie a MATINEE. As much as I love the series there are to many scenes that in my opinion feel disjointed. It is a fun movie and if you live close to a theater that has d-box, I would advise seeing it that way. I did not watch this movie in 3D but I haven't heard anything bad about that version.

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