Film Review - RWBY Volume 2

RWBY Volume 2

The Volume
Its time for year 2 at Beacon with our favorite group of weapon masters/brawlers. Last year, this series was one of my favorite online shows and I even bought the dvd which was awesome as well. If you watched the first volume online the episodes were short and many people had an issue with this. This time around all of the episodes were around 15 minutes long, this made for more time with characters and getting to know them and their motivations for the particular series. The stakes in this season/volume were not exactly high because you still kind of don't know what is going on and neither do the characters. Visually, the show looks better than the first volume and the backgrounds look better and well down. Now when you watch RWBY you watch it for the action and the action is great. Each character's abilities are on display and fights are choreographed very well. Each episode in the volume got better in my opinion. Everything that you loved in volume 1 is present and expanded upon. There are some new characters that get introduced and a lot of them we're still trying to figure out their intentions. Normally that would piss me off but here it didn't as it all seemed to be a setup for whatever will be happening in volume three. All in all it is a nice compliment to volume one and leaves volume 2 on a good note in my opinion.

For Parents
The series does have fighting in it and action. Most of the violent images are done against the monsters not against other human characters. I don't think that it is bad personally but you I think its up to personal discretion.

The Verdict
I love this series so this is a FULL PRICE for me. You can buy the blu ray/dvd on Amazon or off of the Rooster Teeth website. You can also watch the series on YouTube if you like.

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