First Impressions - Alphadia Genesis

Available on Wii U, PC, and Mobile
version played is Wii U

The Game
Alphadia Genesis is an JRPG game that is a throwback to the 16-bit days of role playing games.  Much like Final Fantasy 4 - 6 and Chrono Trigger the game boasts a top down view of the game world with enemy encounters being random. Its obvious that the developer has gone for that old school feel as there are no voice acted cutscenes and the artwork has a distinctly anime feel to it. The game centers around an investigation in to the murder of a rich man by two clones that he owns. The main character Fray and his younger sister Aurra, are the first two characters you meet. The king asks Fray to head an investigation into the murder and that's what kicks of the adventure. I am about five hours into the game itself and I have to say its not bad.

The Combat
This game uses turn based combat. I like my RPGs to have either turn based or action based combat. The combat system isn't to difficult to learn. I haven't run into a monster yet that I couldn't strategically defeat. Be advised that there are a couple of side quests that you can pick up early on that the boss monster can be a little tough. Battles are random and you can tell you are about to be involved in a battle when you see two red bars on the side of the screen. Once a battle initiates the view shifts to a 3D view and your party will face off against the enemy. Each character has their own unique moves and skillset, this makes battles fun and satisfying.

The Graphics
As I said before this game is a throwback to the 16-bit days of gaming. As such the game has a lot of hand drawn artwork. Backgrounds are detailed and help with the nostalgia factor a lot. The different villages and towns all have their own distinct feel and atmosphere. The player and NPC sprites are drawn very well too. All in all, for the style they were going for, I feel the developers did a very good job on this game.

The Music
The music isn't bad but I have to warn you I have not come across any memorable themes yet. However, I am still early on in the game. Hopefully this will change by the time I finish the game. I will make sure I talk about it when I do my full review of this game.

**I hope you don't mind this Christmas blogpost. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy and awesome New Year. No more posts from me until 2015, see ya then.**

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