Gaming Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

What's up peeps. Today I wanted to help you out by giving some gift ideas for gamers. I'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of deals going on this week and next week. So what I want to do is give you a couple of picks for each system.

Nintendo's newest home console has a lot of variety this year in games released. This could make picking up games a little difficult. First thing you need to know is what kind of games the person you are buying for are in to, in other words, what genre's do they like. Once you know that picking up something should be a cinch. Here are a few of my favorites

  • Super Smash Bros U: The next title in the mascot Looney Toons fighting series featuring Nintendo characters. Its a pretty fun game, check out the game play video from yours truly.

  • Mario Kart 8: The kart racer is back this time with anti gravity tracks. It brings a whole new level to the game. Also the game supports amiibos, just like Smash Bros.

  • Bayonetta 2: My personal favorite but is not for children, rather for the teen. Has plenty of replay value and is a lot of fun to play. It also comes packaged with the first Bayonetta game so you basically get two games for the price of one.

So the ONE had a rocky beginning but is now picking up some steam. Right now they are enjoying the low price of the system. They also have a version that does not come with Kinect which will probably attract people that don't like Kinect that much.
  • Sunset Overdrive: I freaking love this game. It kind of like Sly Cooper mixed with GTA (as far as it being a sandbox game). The characters are cool and the voice acting is awesome. In my opinion a must have for the system. It is an M rated game so be aware of that.

  • Shadow of Mordor: This one I like because of the combat system as well as the story. I am a fan of Tolkien and this feels like a Tolkien story. This is a M Rated game but that is for violence. It basically feels like a Peter Jackson movie, well to me at least.

  • Halo Master Chief Collection: Despite the issues they have been having with the mulitplayer this is a good purchase for the value. Its four Halo games for the price of one and I am pretty sure that 343 Studios will fix the issues soon as this is Microsoft's flagship title.

They are having a pretty good year and there are a couple of games that I think are pretty good for the system.  Check these out.
  • Transistor: An indie game from Supergiant games. Its an action rpg and one that I think is pretty good. It is a downloadable title but I still think PS4 owners should give this game a look.

  • Destiny: Another game that has some issues. However, it is a pretty fun game and the expansion for it just released called the Dark Below. If you have some friends that have the game it is a lot of fun. 

  • Infamous Second Son: Its a fun game although it is a bit on the short side, which is one reason why some people have a problem with it. Personally, I think it is a good pickup and it should be fairly cheap as it came out earlier this year.
Well those are my picks for gift ideas for this year. Hope everybody has a nice and awesome Christmas. 

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