Happy New Year's Eve from The Geek Cornerstore

Happy New Year's Eve! As 2014 is about exit stage left I wanted to take a few minutes just to say thanks. Thanks for following me and reading my blog. I enjoy giving my opinions on different geek related genre's and I am thankful for everyone that reads and comments on my posts. Starting in 2015 I will be hosting a YouTube Channel dedicated to this blog. There I will discuss different geek related topics with a range of guests. Also Jay and Tee's Fresh Take will also be hosted out of that channel. I will also be posting the 5 previous episodes of Fresh Take on that channel. Before I forget the soundcloud account is still active and will have all of the mp3's of the episodes for you to download and enjoy as well. That being said I wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

May your 2015 be filled with awesome badassness.

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