Film Review - Justice League Throne of Atlantis

The Movie
I am going to be honest here I did not read this graphical novel and by the time they had gotten to this story in the comics I had given up on the Justice League. That being said I did enjoy what DC did with War even though what the missed from the comics was the fact that Aquaman was a part of the team and not Shazam. Now if you watched through the end credits of War the stinger set up this movie. The plot for this movie goes as such, Prince Orm of Atlantis schemes to destroy the surface world while the Queen of Atlantis decides now is the time to tell her first child, Arthur Curry, the truth of his origins and be the bridge between two peoples. Like the other DC animated movies, the animation is very well done and the voice acting is very good. Most of the cast from War return with a couple of notable exceptions. Wonder Woman is now voiced by Rosario Dawson and Green Lantern is being voiced once again by Nathan Fillion (the best at voicing Hal Jordan in my opinion). The new characters such as Mera, Aquaman, Prince Orm, Black Manta, and The Queen are all voiced well and the dialogue isn't that bad either. On the action side of things, I think it was animated very well. I would say about the same as War action wise, however, they did tone down Wonder Woman on the kills that she did in that movie. The woman who was doing the most killing in this movie was Mera. I have such a newfound respect for her. In all honesty, I have never really been a big fan of Aquaman, but people at the comic store I frequent are always telling me I should pick it up and I just may have to in the near future. There were a couple of things that I didn't like in this movie. One being all of relationship-type drama that was going on in the movie. The Superman/Wonder Woman thing while I don't mind it seems, I don't know kind of awkward at times. This awkwardness also happens with Cyborg and his issues with his father and not having a life. I am glad that Shazam is there to call him out on it but for the most part the writers trying to give him a love interest just felt out of place to me. I don't know if that was in the graphical novel or not but to me it wasn't handled properly.

For Parents
This movie is just like War, action wise and has the same type of tone. While there are some scenes of violence it isn't anything as bad as in any of their other animated features. There is a little bit of language but not anything outrageous. I wouldn't let the little ones watch it, but its perfect for teens and adults.

The Verdict
I must say that I did enjoy this movie. It isn't their best animated movie but it is enjoyable. Also it isn't that long, it clocks at about an hour and fifteen minutes. If you are a fan of DC's animated movies this is a welcome addition to the collection. I give it a FULL PRICE.

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