New Nintendo 3DS XL

My Thoughts

Da Good
So after doing some thinking I thought I would give my thoughts on the reveal. Last week during Nintendo's Direct it was revealed that the New 3DS would be making its way to North America on February 13, 2015. There were a lot of things to like about the reveal. One of the things that I am most interested in is the face tracking camera that helps to improve the 3D. On the original 3DS when having the 3D on you would have to find the sweet spot and keep you view there, obviously this was an issue on more intense games like Mario Kart 7. Personally, I would play with the 3D off on those type games. Amiibo support is another feature that was discussed as well as the faster processor another huge plus in my opinion. There's nothing like getting a speed boost. Another feature I am looking forward to is the c-stick. This going to make playing Smash Bros so much easier, as well as other games.

Da Bad
It has been revealed that the new models will not come with chargers. For some people this is an issue, however, you can use previous chargers on this new model as well. To me its not that big of an issue but I can understand some fans problems with the decision. Also, it should be noted that North America is only getting the XL which in all honesty isn't cool. One reason being not everyone has big hands. The XL is comfortable for me but that's because I have huge Georgia boy country hands. I also understand that there are people who will find the XL just as uncomfortable as I find the smaller one. Hopefully, Nintendo will make those available at some point but for right now I do understand people's frustrations. The other thing that I don't like is the name. Nintendo is not good at naming things and that is the truth.

Other than that I have to admit that I am looking forward to this handheld. There are also a plethora of games that I am looking forward to as well. All in all I think that it is an much improved system to the original that I think, overall fans will enjoy.

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