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The New Nintendo 3DS XL

The Good
What's up peeps. Just wanted to give everyone my thoughts on Nintendo's upgraded handheld. There is a lot to like about this system. For starters the 3D is now better than ever due to the system utilizing face tracking in order to keep the 3D stable. The visuals are a lot clearer and the sound cleaner. The surround sound never sounded better when you have some good headphones plugged in to the system. Another upgrade that was made, was to the processor. It is way faster now and no where does that shine more than in Smash Bros for the 3DS. The game loads noticeably faster than on the regular 3DS. The Internet Browser also benefits from the upgraded processor as well as the YouTube app. I must admit I do not watch NetFlix or Hulu on my 3DS so I won't be able to tell you if the processing power works there as well. If I had to guess though I would say yes it does. The new system does support amiibo and one of the games I used it was Ace Combat. Amiibos are utilized by touching the figure to the touch screen and that's all there is to it. Just in case you're wondering the system is still backwards compatible, so yes all of your old DS games will work. 

The Bad
All in all there were only two things that I had a problem with on this particular system. One was the system transfer. I don't have a card reader so I couldn't transfer my data that way I had to do it wirelessly and that took a considerable amount of time. I have heard from friends that if you use a card reader it is way faster. My only other complaint, well its not really a complaint, is the c-stick nub. It may take some getting used to for some people. I work in the Information Technology field so every now and then we get old laptops that utilize that nub as a mouse pointer of sorts. It does take getting used to as it is not a full thumbstick. 

The Verdict
To me its a worthwhile upgrade. If you like playing with the 3D on than it is a definite purchase. Also the upgrades that was made to the system as a whole warrant an upgrade in my opinion. 

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