Film Review - Jupiter Ascending

The Movie
A space opera film written and directed by the Wachowski's, a movie that I have to say is very beautiful. This movie revolves around Jupiter Jones, played by Mila Kunis, a cleaning lady who lets you know how much her life sucks. You spend time with Jupiter as she tells the story of her birth, how her parents met, and how she ended up with her family in Chicago. Little does she know that her life is about to get turned upside down as she is the reincarnation of the mother of the universe's richest 1% douchebag families. Of course I mean that in the most hilarious way possible. People I am going to level with you, the movie isn't bad. The CG is great and the action sequences are amazing. The Wachowski's really know how to make the visual's pop and they do a lot of cool things in the movie. The alien designs as well as the creature designs are varied and unique.The movie does a good job of building up an expansive world that makes you feel kind of small in it while at the same time showing space as a beautiful place. There is also some good comedic scenes in this film and I got a few laughs in which is always a plus. Also on the plus side, its not that long. The movie clocks in at about two hours and 5 minutes, which is awesome for a space opera movie as they are usually a lot longer in length. My problems with the film all come from the story. This film had the same problem that Amazing Spider-Man 2 had in that there are entirely to many plots going on at the same time. Honestly, its a little nerve wracking when you start one plot and you don't go back to it for a third of the movie and then its abruptly dropped without any resolution in the slightest. My other issue is that at times the film just felt disjointed to me, as if some scenes got edited out that would have made some plot points make sense. The movie seems primed for sequels and I get the feeling that's why they had a lot of plot threads going at the same time in this movie. Personally, I hate when they do that, it's different when the sequels are being filmed back to back but when they are not plot threads need to be tied up by the end of the movie, or at least the majority of them need to be.

For Parents
This movie is PG-13 and in all honesty its not any worse than something like say Star Trek. There are action sequences in the film and violence. There is also a brief scene of nudity (all you see is a woman's booty). The action scenes are for the most part heavily CG'd and it isn't any gore in the film at all.

The Verdict
I am going to give this a MATINEE. I had my problems with the film but I must say it is made to be seen on the big screen. I wasn't bored watching this film and the majority of the characters were likable. Also if you live near a theater that has D-Box I recommend watching it there and in 3D.

**Spoiler Alert: Sean Bean does not die in the film, just thought I would let you know. There were a couple of times where I thought he wasn't going to make it but he pulled through.

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