Film Review - Kingsman: The Secret Service

The Movie
This was a fun movie. It is actually fun to have a spy movie that isn't taking itself serious again and I am very happy for that. Kingsman is based on a graphic novel, The Secret Service by Mark Millar. He is the same guy that wrote Kick Ass, just in case you are wondering.  The film itself is throwback to those old James Bond movies, the pre Daniel Craig films. You know the ones. They had the ridiculous villains, henchmen with some kind of disfigurement or super power, and a beautiful woman. Back then you knew the story was stupid but you really didn't care because it was just a fun time in the theater. The action in this movie is great. The fights are equal parts vicious and breath taking. The acting is great and there are some cameos in the film as well. Sam Jackson's villainous character Valentine, is very funny. I found myself laughing at some of the stuff he was saying. Colin Firth as the gentlemen spy, Harry Hart, is awesome as always. There are even a couple of action scenes with him in the film where it looked like it was all him. I plan on picking this one up when it hits dvd just so I can see how they shot some of the scenes and if Colin Firth did do his own stunts. I should also note that the film does a good job of finding a balance between the action and comedy. In my opinion, one does not overtake the other I found it to be balanced in that aspect. There are a couple of things that I did not like with the film. One this movie takes place in London and there are a few times where the accents are so thick that I would have really liked subtitles on screen. That is not an exaggeration people, it gets that bad a few times in the movie. Also as much as I liked Sam Jackson in this movie they did have him talking with a lisp, I got used to it as the film went on I just don't think that it was needed. Some of the gore, while over the top, may be a little much for people because of how its shown on screen.

For Parents
This film is Rated R and it has violence, gore, and strong language (even if at times its non distinguishable). The movie takes what you like about James Bond and adds some dashes of Kick Ass for good measure. In other words, it ain't for kids.

The Verdict
I am going to give this a MATINEE. Its a fun spy film that takes you back to the good old days before Bond tried to be Bourne. The gadgets are cool. The fights are brutal and well choreagraphed and the story doesn't take itself to seriously. Its the perfect movie for a lazy afternoon. Also I watched this film in D-Box and I highly recommend watching the film that way if you are able.

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