Film Review - Rurouni Kenshin

Kyoto Inferno & The Legend Ends

The Movie
A few days ago a fellow anime enthusiast and myself reviewed this live action version of one of our favorite animes', I decided that I should probably write down my thoughts on this film being that it is a film that shows Hollyweird how to do anime/manga movies right. This movie is the live action adaptation of The Legend of Kyoto Arc from the anime/manga of Rurouni Kenshin. If you are a fan of the Kenshin series and this arc you will be happy to note that the filmmakers do an awesome job of translating the source material to film. Every character involved looks like a great representation of how they looked in the original medium. The costume design, set pieces, and action sequences are all exceptional as well. Every main confrontation that was in the original story is in the film and the fights are very satisfying. Another thing that I love about this film is that every characters signature move is on display and is tackled in a way that makes the fights and action more realistic. The movie utilizes a lot of practical effects which I think make the film more believable. Every sword fight felt vicious, fast, and beautiful and some of those fights are just beautiful to see. As much as I have enjoyed both of these movies there were a couple of things that I didn't like with the film. I will be honest with you, my problems are very nitpickish if you will. While all of the characters show up not every fight from the original material is given adequate screen time. Also the climatic fight sequence happened on the battleship Purgatory, not the gauntlet that they had Kenshin and crew run. Lastly, while I did think the little CG that they had in the movie was okay, I thought that some of it could have been done better.

For Parents
This movie has a lot of fighting and violence in it. It's not gory but there are sword fighting scenes and sequences of people getting stabbed. If the movie does come to the states you may want to keep that in mind. Personally, I think that the movie is geared towards Teens and Adults so that is who should be watching it in my opinion.

The Verdict
This is a FULL PRICE film for me. Even if you have never heard of the anime/manga it is still good film to watch. The characters are believable, the fights are amazing, and the film never gets boring. I hope that this film can release in the States sometime in the near future as I will be picking this one up if it ever does.

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