First Impressions - Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy +

Avaliable on Nintendo 3DS

The Game
This is the newest game in the Ace Combat series and is on the 3DS. There is a lot to like with this game. If you like the movie Top Gun than you will enjoy this as the game revolves around the dog fighting combat mechanic. The game has a Story mode, Challenge mode, Data Viewer, Options, and a place for amiibo use. The story mode has you facing off against rebel forces as a member of the allied fighting forces. Using different fighter jets to handle the varying missions that you are given. After each mission there is a replay option, where you can view how well you did. Amiibo support is awesome as the use of certain amiibo's allow you to unlock special fighter jets, parts, and weapons, plus they look completely and totally badass.

The Combat
Its all about the dog fights in this game. They are intense and can played in a variety of different views. Personally, I like playing in third person view so that I can see everything in the area. There is a cockpit and HUD viewpoints, not really my style and I think its just because the game is on the 3DS. If the game were on the Wii U cockpit view would probably be awesome. That being said the 3D is awesome in combat and is used to great effect in terms of utilizing the extra depth perception. Every mission has main objectives and every now and then you may encounter a mercenary fighter squad that will need to be dealt with, it makes for some great action.

Amiibo Support
As I stated earlier the game does support amiibo usage. I have a New Nintendo 3DS and as of right now that is the only way to unlock the amiibo specific  weapons and fighter jets. My favorite two amiibo fighter's to use are Link's and Zelda's as they are fast and have good maneuverability, this comes in handy in firefight trust me on this one.

So far I am enjoying myself I am going to try and push through this game, at least the story mode. I hope to have a full review up within the next week or two as well as a discussion on the channel.

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