Game Review - Halo Master Chief Collection

The Game
This game is one of the main reasons I wanted an XBONE. All four Halo games in one affordable package with access to the Halo 5 Beta and access to the Halo Nightfall series as well. I mean whats not to like. How could this be nothing more than success. Well if you botch your launch that is one way to get your fanbase worried. That being said there is a lot to like with this collection. First, you get all four Halo games running smoothly and on one disc. With the exception of the first one I think that they all look great and are well done. Everything is there that you love from the music, to the voice acting, and story. 343 Studios also touched up the cutscenes in the game and added others so that it will make sense with Halo 5 releases. A lot of the work, and this is just my opinion, went in to Halo 2 as that game to me stands out as the best out of the whole collection. The game interface is easy to navigate as well and I am thankful for that. If you want to play the Campaign Mode you can pick whichever game you want out of that mode. If you just want to dive in the multiplayer, which most people tend to do, you can pick whichever game you want to go in and create a lobby there.  This leads me into my gripes with this game. When you get the game it is obvious that this game was rushed, in order to meet that November release date. Although the game has since been patched there are still lingering issues with mutliplayer matchmaking. Mutliplayer is the main draw of Halo and this at the very least you should not have been an issue. Also I had an issue with the install of this game. One thing I dislike about the XBONE is the fact that if I have a disc I still have to install the game. This particular game I had to uninstall and reinstall 3 times before all the games and other content became playable. To me that is unacceptable. I know Microsoft needed a big game to be out this past holiday, but if it wasn't ready to go then it just wasn't ready to go. I don't mind having to wait an extra month or two if a game needs polishing while the developers fix what they promised would be in the game. That being said for those that are new to the series this is a great way to play a good series as the campaign mode works just fine. The Halo story, while depressing at times, is still very well done and it is easy to get lost in the adventures of the Master Chief and Cortana.

For Parents
This collection is rated M for Mature. It has violence and language throughout the series. At its core it is a science fiction game mixed with a war game. That being said while I would not let little kids play this game. I would say that it is just fine for teenagers. As it is no worse than an action movie.

The Verdict
I give this collection a BARGAIN BIN. There were just to many issues that needed patching for me to give this a full price. I wanted to give the game a full price I really did but I can't suggest this to gamers with the amount of issues they have had and still have from time to time.

Check out the video below from the YouTube channel as members of the Gamers @ Large, Mega Gamer Man and the Zen Gamer, give their thoughts and rating on this game.

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