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Awesome Games Featuring Gaming Heroines

So I was perusing the net a couple of weeks ago and came across an interesting article, talking about games that feature or star ladies in the leading roles. It got me thinking about my own gaming collection and some of my favorite female game characters and games. With that being said here is my personal list of my favorite game series that either star or feature a lot of women in strong roles in the games.

Child of Light

My personal game of the year for 2014. I love this game. It tells the story of Aurora a young girl trying to find her way home from the fantasy world of Lemuria. I have done a review and several gameplay vids on the YouTube channel about this game so I won't go into the story here, but it is a game worth checking out and is available on every platform except the 3DS. If you are a fan of RPGs, art, and turn based action I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


What can I say, I love Cereza. She's strong, confident, kicks all kinds of booty (gotta …

First Impressions - Final Fantasy 15 Episode Duscae

Available on the Final Fantasy Type-0 game which is available on both the XBOne and Playstation 4

The Demo
I have to give it to Square Enix they know how to put together a demo. I was thoroughly impressed with what they presented. Now this is the game I was looking forward to way back when it was first introduced. The demo is available on the Final Fantasy Type 0 HD game. I am not going to lie that is one of the, okay the main reason, I purchased that game. That being said for a demo its not bad, it does have issues but the amount of fun I had and continue to have is great.

The Graphics
The first thing you notice is the graphics. It looks great even for a demo, so I am really looking forward to the finished product. The screens that I have attached in this post are from the game. There is also a part in the game where there is a fog over the field where you are. Its fun because the fog gets thicker and you still have to fight some enemies but because of the fog it makes the fight kind o…

My Comic Pull List

What's up peeps, sometimes I get asked comics I am currently reading and what do I recommend. I have been meaning to make this post a while ago but I am actually glad I waited. For this post I am going to be focusing on my Marvel pulls. Let me know in the comments which ones you are looking forward to reading.

X-Men Brand
Now this is the book that got me into comics and it still remains my favorite comic brand to read. Currently I am reading Uncanny X-Men and the Amazing X-Men, if you haven't been reading the last few years it may be hard to find a jumping on point as so much has happened. The short synopsis is that due to the events of Avengers vs X-Men there are two schools The Jean Grey School founded by the late Wolverine and run by Storm and The New Charles Xavier School run by Cyclops. Brian Michael Bendis writes Uncanny and Amazing is written by Chris Yost both books have had their ups and downs but I still find them to be enjoyable.

I am a huge Storm fan and not o…

First Impressions - Powers

Powers (The TV Show) - Avaliable on PSN to Playstation Plus Members

The Pilot
The show is based on the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. The world of Powers is a universe in which people with Powers live and co-exist with humans. A special division of the police is called for crimes that involve people with powers, affectionately called the Powers Division. Its here that we meet the main character of the series Christian Walker played by Sharlto Copley. The story revolves around him and how he copes with life as a normal human after losing his powers. The first thing that I noticed when watching this is that the production value isn't all that bad. As a matter of fact one of the issues that I have with the pilot is that it is to up and down. For everything that I liked there were about two things that I really could have done without. The show is clearly aimed at an adult audience and you can tell that tone within the first 15 minutes. The cast is decen…

First Impressions - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Avaliable on Nintendo 3DS

The Game
So who's ready for another round of hunting? The newest entry in the series from Capcom is on the handheld and it offers fans a portable way to get your hunting fix. They made some interesting changes and not all of your favorite weapons made it back in to this game. Fans of the series like myself have their own favorite weapons. There are also new weapons that are interesting to use and new ways to hunt monsters. If you are a fan of Dragon's Dogma the developers added a mechanic to let you jump on the back on a monster and attack. Also, the story mode is actually not that bad and it makes sense. Also the world is lively and there are different places to go in the Monster Hunter world.

The Combat/Controls
If you have played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate then you should be familiar with the control scheme. The game does support the circle pad pro and I think that it is a good idea to utilize the accessory. Combat wise the game revolves around the di…

Series Review - Halo NightFall

The Series
Halo NightFall is a five episode miniseries that came out at the same time as the Halo Master Chief Collection. The series focuses on the character of Locke, this character will play heavily in the story of Halo 5, and his trials while investigating a terrorist attack on the planet of Sedra.  The first thing that you notice is the production value on this series. The series has the look the of the game down and it looks amazing. A big step above Forward Unto Dawn, you can tell that Microsoft is intent on getting the Halo series into more media and are doing what they can to make it a successful venture. I also want to give the actors some props as I felt that they did a good job especially with what they were given to work with. I felt like the first two episodes were really good but at the third episode, to me is where the series goes down hill. The problem as I saw it was the fact that they kept trying to pull from many different series. Also the writing is not that good.…