Awesome Games Featuring Gaming Heroines

So I was perusing the net a couple of weeks ago and came across an interesting article, talking about games that feature or star ladies in the leading roles. It got me thinking about my own gaming collection and some of my favorite female game characters and games. With that being said here is my personal list of my favorite game series that either star or feature a lot of women in strong roles in the games.

Child of Light

My personal game of the year for 2014. I love this game. It tells the story of Aurora a young girl trying to find her way home from the fantasy world of Lemuria. I have done a review and several gameplay vids on the YouTube channel about this game so I won't go into the story here, but it is a game worth checking out and is available on every platform except the 3DS. If you are a fan of RPGs, art, and turn based action I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


What can I say, I love Cereza. She's strong, confident, kicks all kinds of booty (gotta keep it PG guys) and is a character that is truly a lot of fun to play. This game has been met with criticism for being sexist and to an extent I can understand some points. However, I would argue that the game is an action game ala Devil May Cry and God of War, so if you're into those games I don't really see why you wouldn't give this game a spin. Bayonetta is currently available on the Nintendo Wii U and you get two games for the price of one as part one is packaged with part two. If you check my channel there is also a review and game play videos of this title as well.

Hyrule Warriors

Legend of Zelda + Dynasty Warriors + Koei Tecmo's character designs = Instant Awesome.  This spinoff title allows players to play as various characters from the Zelda universe. Let me just say as much as I like Link, in this game Queen Zelda (in the Japanese translation she is supposed to be a Queen) is my favorite character to play as followed by Lana, Twili Midna, Impa, Sheik (Zelda in disguise), Cia, and Ruto. I normally don't tell people this but if you buy this game it is a good idea to invest in the season pass as it gives access to more characters and gameplay. This game is a musou game, a hack and slash if you will, with special moves thrown in you have 60 minutes to complete the objectives in each stage and can easily rack up thousands of enemy kills in that time. Fun times for all.

Super Smash Bros

There is never anything wrong with a little Smash amongst friends. Am I right? This game is known for its party beatdown gameplay featuring mascots from various Nintendo franchises. There are a lot of characters to choose from and I am sure if you are reading this entry then you have seen gameplay vids online. As a matter of fact if you check out the Gamers @ Large Twitch channel you will see gameplay from this game a lot. Some of my favorite characters in this game are female. Here's my list: Lucina, Female Robin, Zero Suit Samus, Princess Zelda, Female Wii Fit Trainer, and Lady Palutena. Also this game is just a whole lot of fun to play online or off, if you have a Wii U or a 3DS check it out.

Tomb Raider

What can I say its Lara Croft. I am a fan of the Tomb Raider series and while the series has had it s ups and downs and taken a few bumps it is still a good franchise with a great story or just good depending on what game you're talking about. There are plenty of games in the franchise with the newest one hopefully getting a release date soon.

Resident Evil

The series that arguably put the survival horror genre of gaming on the map and made it popular. The early games in the series had good stories and characters. My favorite game in the series will always be Resident Evil 2 for two very good reasons, Ada Wong and Claire Redfield. There characters were tough, smart, resourceful, and full on badass (sorry just lost the PG rating). All of which I would assume you would have to be trying to survive a zombie outbreak in a small midwestern town.


No list about female game characters can be complete without the first lady of behind kickery (PG  rating is back), Samus Aran. Her story is interesting and depressing all at the same time. Her parents killed in a raid by space pirates and she was left for dead. The ancient Chozo race saved her life trained her how to fight and she became the Hunter. This story is Sci-Fi to the tee and is awesome to play it has changed from iteration to iteration but Samus still remains as one of the best bounty hunters in all of fiction.

Well that does for my list. What are some of your favorite games that star or have female characters in lead roles? Let me know in the comments. Also be sure to check out the YouTube Channel to see my various gamer related media and thoughts.

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