First Impressions - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Avaliable on Nintendo 3DS

The Game
So who's ready for another round of hunting? The newest entry in the series from Capcom is on the handheld and it offers fans a portable way to get your hunting fix. They made some interesting changes and not all of your favorite weapons made it back in to this game. Fans of the series like myself have their own favorite weapons. There are also new weapons that are interesting to use and new ways to hunt monsters. If you are a fan of Dragon's Dogma the developers added a mechanic to let you jump on the back on a monster and attack. Also, the story mode is actually not that bad and it makes sense. Also the world is lively and there are different places to go in the Monster Hunter world.

The Combat/Controls
If you have played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate then you should be familiar with the control scheme. The game does support the circle pad pro and I think that it is a good idea to utilize the accessory. Combat wise the game revolves around the different weapons and some are better to use against certain monsters than others. There is a training area for each of the different weapons in the game. Personally, I like using the Dual Blades, Sword and Shield, Insect Bo Staff, Switch Axe, and the Elite Blade. I like playing fast and I don't like using the heavy weapons just because I don't like fighting monsters with weapons that hit slow when I am playing solo.

The Online
I have only played twice online as I am still getting acclimated to some of the new weapons. From the short time that I have been online it looks like an extension of what was on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Also there are free DLC that is being released the first of which come out today. There is alot of content in that pack, so I would suggest taking a look at it, especially since there is a way to craft the Master Sword and Hylian Shield as well as the Hero Bow from the Legend of Zelda series.

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