My Comic Pull List

What's up peeps, sometimes I get asked comics I am currently reading and what do I recommend. I have been meaning to make this post a while ago but I am actually glad I waited. For this post I am going to be focusing on my Marvel pulls. Let me know in the comments which ones you are looking forward to reading.

X-Men Brand
Now this is the book that got me into comics and it still remains my favorite comic brand to read. Currently I am reading Uncanny X-Men and the Amazing X-Men, if you haven't been reading the last few years it may be hard to find a jumping on point as so much has happened. The short synopsis is that due to the events of Avengers vs X-Men there are two schools The Jean Grey School founded by the late Wolverine and run by Storm and The New Charles Xavier School run by Cyclops. Brian Michael Bendis writes Uncanny and Amazing is written by Chris Yost both books have had their ups and downs but I still find them to be enjoyable.

I am a huge Storm fan and not only because she is African but I love her personality. She is basically a Goddess on earth and her powers over the weather makes her one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. She has her own book out right now that is written by Greg Pak and its a good read. The book recently finished its first arc and I have to say I enjoyed it, it tackled some relevant issues and I think Pak did a great job weaving the story. The art varied as there were a couple of guest artists a few issues. For the most part I enjoyed the artwork, it was clean and the action flowed from panel to panel. Fans of Storm should pick this one up as it is a good read.

I did a post a few months back about diversity in comics. There were people who took issue with the fact that Thor had become unworthy to hold Mjolnir and a new female Thor would be taking his place. Personally, I am enjoying this book. Jason Aaron is still writing the story and I think he is doing a great job of showing the differences between the two characters. There is also the mystery of who this woman actually is and I thought that it was a certain character and that theory got scrapped in issue five. To me that is part of the fun of the book, also the action is pretty good as the new Thor is shown to have some trouble controlling her newfound abilities. All in all it makes for a good read and I am glad that it is Aaron continuing the stories he started book in 2012.

Rocket Raccoon
This may be my favorite book to read. Skottie Young does a great job of writing Rocket and his misadventures away from the Guardians of the Galaxy. The book mixes comedy, action, and bits of drama very well. Young's unique visual style makes the book pop, at least to me, and the way the stories come together is awesome. If you are a fan of light heartened, Looney Toon-esque violence, this book is a great pickup.

Howard the Duck
Yep, they brought him back and even though the first issue came out recently it was a worthwhile pickup. The book is self-aware and I like that as I am glad it doesn't take itself to seriously. Sometimes you just want a fun read and this certainly is a fun read. The artwork is also done very well and it looks like there will be cameos from the rest of the Marvel U in upcoming issues. I am looking forward to keeping up with this one.

Disclaimer: I feel I am more of a Marvel fan nowadays since I find myself connecting more with their books. Don't worry though I read from DC and Image as well and will be dedicating upcoming posts to them as well.

Disclaimer 2: Honorable mentions go out to Spider-Gwen and Silk. The reason I have not added them to this list is that Spider-Gwen and Silk books have just started and while I enjoy them there isn't anything that grabbed me like Howard the Duck did. 

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